Learn How100 Proven Methods Can Make Money Online


Website: Amazon Kindle Book

Owner: Dimitrius Malary

Rating: 5/5

For who: Beginners to Advanced



The book is written by Dimitrius Malary, 100 ATTEMPTED and PROVEN ways to making money online! Build an EMPIRE!. It was published on May 13, 2016 at Amazon Kindle Books. It costs $9.95, & has 5/5 rating. It’s 112 page content material.

The author tries to show the readers about 100 money making opportunities available online. It contains the following information;

  •   Introduction
  • Writing product reviews
  • Selling books
  • Online Reward sites
  • Getting paid for reading emails
  • Smartphone apps
  • Answering questions
  • Freelancing
  • Writing articles
  • Paid to click
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Micro jobs
  • Revenue sharing
  • Online games
  • Website flipping
  • By & sell domains
  • Blog flipping
  • Write & sell eBooks
  • Ghost writing
  • Forum poster
  • Blog edit & comments
  • Donation links
  • Private ads spot
  • Selling wordpress plugins
  • Build & sell templates
  • Design websites & banners
  • Google adsense
  • Amazon Affiliate
  • Rakuten linkshare affiliate
  • ETC

The above topics are not all included as per book. The author attempts to teach readers about online  wealth opportunities that can be explored. It is not a blueprint but an information being shared by the author. It’s suitable for beginners. Any person who wants to enter into internet marketing industry, will find the book a useful material.


Although the book provides  readers with vast money making opportunities, However there’re some shortcomings, which include, How to master the art of making money online. This area requires an intensive training.

Those who’re experts knows what works what doesn’t work. Certain topics need to be revised & replaced by current trending topics, like blogging, website/content creation, social media platforms, SEO, developing webinars etc. although the author mentioned only 100, but there’re  thousands money making methods online.

Final Thought



Buying the book is not a bad idea. There’re thousands of money making opportunities online. Nonetheless, the book can be used for purposes of future reference.

If you join internet marketing industry, the information contained in the book will go a long way in empowering you with basic industry knowledge.

However, there’re some challenges which come with money making opportunities. Everyone wants to make money, generate additional income for himself/herself. These methods are easily available to everyone here, but achieving success out of it (making money) remains a pipe dream. Every marketer who has ever achieved good results constitute a small percentage, i.e. 5 – 10%.

My experience is that many people are very secretive about, what methods they use to accomplish success. When they do, only piece of information is shared, 99% of successful people are not eager to share their knowledge to others.

The underlying reason is a fear for competition & loss of customers to their competitors. No one wants to loose hard earned cash. The solution is to keep it secret. But, the book itself is a valuable piece of material, that provides you with different money making opportunities. Indeed, they’re more than 100 proven ways to make money online.






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