20 Things You Must Know About Wealthy Affiliate

20 Things You Must Know About Wealthy Affiliate

You may be wondering why I write this post/article. This article seek to clarify certain confusions what  Wealthy Affiliate offers. Below are 20 things you must know about the site;

# Not a pyramid scheme

A pyramid scheme is system whereby you join for purposes of recruiting others, when they join, you move up the ladder and make money in the process

Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t focus on recruiting members. The primary aim is to train YOU to be an expert in affiliate marketing industry. To grasp the basic fundamentals about the subject

# Not an MLM

Multi Level Networking has been online for decades. MLM is a strategy used by companies to provide one individual with product or services to promote, and that induvial is encouraged to recruit others to sell the same or other company product.

The whole idea is for the retail company to have an army of product/services promoters

Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t encourage members to sell its’ product/service, it’s basically individual training about affiliate marketing

# Not money making scam

Money making scam is a system of enticing internet users to join for money making purposes. At Wealthy Affiliate, money making comes lasts. What comes first is training on how to build online business the legitimate method

#Does not host porn sites

It doesn’t train or encourage members to develop porn/gambling/lotto sites. It trains members to promote products/services that are not contrary to public morals or public policy

# You don’t buy anything

The only thing you do when you happen join, is to pay monthly membership fee and/or jaaxy keyword tool. The keyword tool is recommended but not compulsory to buy

# No hidden extra costs

From my experiences from other affiliate marketing training sites, once member joins them, they are offered many attractive items to buy or download at extra fee

Wealthy affiliate purely needs monthly membership fee and nothing else. In any event when some of it’s members want to sell their self made programs, they’re not allowed. Rather they are encouraged to give to WA free of charge

# Web hosting is free

You are allowed to host up to 25 websites, at no extra costs. Once you develop a website you simply host it there with no monthly/annual fee

# Does not develop create a website for you

You’re trained to create/develop your own website. As a newbie you have no clue how to create one, Training will help you get started. No member is allowed to do it for you. The whole exercise is to teach you how to do things yourself

#Does not offer to generate web traffic

I know this is one of the difficult part facing affiliate marketers, TRAFFIC. WA teaches you how to attract visitors to your site THROUGH many methods. The site does not offer any traffic generating system for you. You learn to do it yourself

#Does’nt offer website templates

What they encourage you to do is to download WordPress themes and start working on it. Some membership sites offer you prebuilt/customized website templates to use. At WA it’s not the case, every member has his/her own website in mind to build, thus prebuilt blog/sites is not offered

#Doesn’t offer copywrite services

Some of us are lazy to write and they tend to hire copywriters to do it for them. WA members even if they can do it. They’re not allowed to sell such service in the community

# You can’t hire a member to do affiliate marketing for you

Learning  how to do affiliate marketing resides squarely on individual member. you’re not allowed to hire/ask community member to do it for you.

# Doesn’t offer joint venture services

Joint venture is literally coming together of two or parties to generate business profit and grow their respective business. At WA that’s not allowed. Each member create/built his/her own business. It’s neither encouraged

#Does not sell affiliate marketing eBooks

At WA there’re members who have skills to create eBooks. Even though they can create them, but they’re not allowed to promote them on site

# Does not create YouTube videos for you

Similar to above element, there’re are people who can create/record YouTube video’s about any subject. However they’re not allowed to sell the same at WA. You are taught to create your own YouTube video’s 

#Does not have social media influencers

There’re people online had expertise about certain subject. They have also mastered how social media platform works. WA doesn’t employ their services. Community members may use them, but it’s not recommended by site owners

# Does not offer SEO services

In order to enhance/supplement site income certain sites offer SEO strategies at a certain fee. At WA that is not the case. SEO experts are encourages to provide such service free of charge. SEO STRATEGIES  is part of WA TRAINING

#Does not create landing pages/squeeze pages

There’re abundant of landing/squeeze pages online. Some are free, but others you pay a fee to download. WA doesn’t train or provide the same. It has not been WA idea to train members about them

#Does not sell website images

Online images comes with their own challenges. WA doesn’t sell website/blog images. In case members want to purchase images for their sites, they’re directed to get such elsewhere online

Why WA doesn’t offer these services

The message is clear. WA training program is focus on training it’s members how to do affiliate marketing business.








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