3 Important Skills Required To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing






Newcomers in affiliate marketing business, are repeatedly asking this  question, What’ re the most important skills needed to succeed in affiliate marketing industry? 

It is the same question I asked affiliate marketing experts when I joined in 2011. I had received many different answers for this question.

  • Skills to build effective landing page
  • Skills to build  effective squeeze pages that compel customers to buy
  • Skills to build  email list with 10 000 subscribers
  • Skills to harvest 1 000 lucrative keywords
  • Etc., etc.

This is all about advertising/marketing. Even university professors in the field will never give you an exact answer as to what skills are required. Same goes for affiliate marketing.

However, it is undeniable fact that an affiliate marketer requires a skill of some kind in order to succeed in his/her advertising/marketing campaign.

From my own affiliate/internet marketing experience, there are certain generic skills that has never changed in the past ten or more years.

  • Website creation (web development skill)

An art of creating, developing & maintaining a site is one of the key skills needed here. I have alluded in some of my site posts, that without a site forget dreaming about succeeding in this industry.

You therefore have to acquire basic web development skill. It is prerequisite to have one. The reason is simple, web technology keeps changing from time to time.

What was relevant in March 2019, will not be relevant now.

  • Website maintenance

This aspect goes hand in hand with content creation. The inner aspect of your site can’t be overemphasized. You can imagine enticing a customer to visit and Joe’s coffee shop. But, only to find that  the shop sells breakfast served with coffee and juice.

Website development involves updating & upgrading site features. In order for your site to function optimally, you need to upgrade all those features that require regular updates. I have said web technology keeps changing from time to time. Same goes with your site features and products contained therein

Indeed this aspect can be outsourced (allowing web development experts to do it for you), however, those people don’t know what your needs are. It is only you who can do it correctly. Therefore a minimum web development knowledge is required

  • Search engine optimization skills

What does that mean?. In a nutshell search engine optimization means developing and positioning your site so that search engine organically rank your site. There’re a number of things a site owner should do. The following are few;

  1. Email marketing,
  2. Social media marketing,
  3. Content marketing,
  4. Pay per click marketing etc.
  5. The list is not exhaustive


Final thought

Critics may say that they had been making money online without even considering any of the above.

From my own affiliate marketing experience the said are crucial if one wants to build a lifelong  successful business online.

It therefore depends whether you want to stay here and become a successful online business person, or whether you’re on a mission to make money and move on to other things. My mission is to remain here and become a successful online entrepreneur through affiliate marketing

Therefore the skills outlined supra, works for me I don’t know about you. But before you leave visit below;









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