3 Secret Methods To Stay On Google 1st Page




This is not an eBook or software, but some search engine methods to rank and stay on Google first page, keep reading.

Ranking or appearing on Google first page is a dream of every site owner. There’re billion sites whose owners dream the same. Most of them don’t know how to put their site on Google first page. I’m not an seo expert either, but I have learned what Google looks for in order to position sites on first page


The first secret is content. Not just any content, but quality content. What constitutes quality content. In Google philosophy, quality content, is that kind of content which contains quality information useful to online users.

The page/post/article you publish in your site must contain quality content. That content, users will like and interact/engage with. Online users are searching for information to address their individual needs. The information they will like and engage with

New versus Old site

Both sites with quality content will have a tendency to appear any time on Google first page. Let’s look at the new site. New sites with quality content regularly appear on first, which means Google crawlers regularly visit and rank those sites. 

The reason behind this, is that Google likes new and  fresh content, However, sites that do not have new or fresh content are slapped. Your site will only appear once a week and disappear altogether on Google first, or even 100th page. 

Secondly, Google like old sites. The reason for that, it admires and add values old sites. Old sites carries an element of authority. Amazon/ Walmart and other sites are authority sites. They’re frequently visited. They therefore appear continuously on first page. In other words they display quality content

Site comments

This is very important. Sites that are regularly visited and visitors make comments in it, as well as ask questions frequently appear on Google first page. If you have a new or old site, you must ensure that they are regularly visited and your visitors leave comments on them. Goggle will give them high ranking score. 

There’s a simply reason for that. Google users are searching for information online. Your site keeps users glued to it. The main reason why people go online is to search for information. By searching, they use Google search engine. Therefore, Google was and still the main reason why it came into existence

Whatever, site you develop, must take into consideration what Google users are looking for.

Final thought

Indeed we all want our site platform to appear on Google first page. At the same time we have companies that profess to be experts in making any site to appear on first page.

Either through systems or software. On the other hand we have well known seo experts. All of them do one thing ranking sites on Google search engine.

There’s nothing wrong in that, but having your site on first page without quality content and without anyone engaging with it, surely the first page position is unsustainable. Quality content does.

Quality content can only be generated by you, site owner. Secondly traffic to your site, is your responsibility. Do your site have what visitors are looking for. Do they engage with it. These are 3 main secret to stay on Google first page.








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