5 Reasons Why Google Doesn’t Index Your Post/page/Article


One of my followers was at pain as to why one of his post was not indexed by Google. He wrote 2200 words post, but discovered that 150 word post appeared on first page, in other words, the search engine discriminately indexed shorter word post at the expense of long word post

You may not understand precisely what search engine crawlers do when indexing written material. There’re variety of reasons for that. From my own experience, it sometimes take time for Google to index certain material but it can take seconds to do the same to shorter ones

Quality content

We, as marketers at times don’t take search engines seriously. We must ask ourselves the main reason why we publish articles/blogs anyway. What do we want to achieve by posting information.

In recent years, Google and other search engines have developed an approach, that quality should be the guiding principle of anything posted online. People go on online searching for solutions to address their problems. A person in Texas may have a problem about finding a durable fuel lawnmower in Texas stores.

The next stop is to search for it, in California or other States using the internet. That’s where Google and other search engines comes into the picture. To assist their users to find what they’re  looking for. Therefore quality comes into the picture

Every time you post something online, you should take internet users needs into account. You must post articles/posts with quality information. The search engine will assess your work taking into account the quality aspect of it.

Long v short article/post

The internet is flooded with more than billion articles/posts. The user on the other end must go through billion articles to pick one that has a potential to address their needs.

It takes time to find what they’re looking for. Going through billion written material is time consuming and boring. People have their own work/family commitments to take care of.

If you write a long post/article, you must take user into account. There’re people who like reading others don’t like it at all. Long posts may be interesting to people who enjoy reading but not to others. Shorter posts/articles are more preferred

Search engine continuous update

Google keeps send out search engine updates, (Google Panda). From time to time there’re changes on how these non human objects operate. Some call it Google slash. At no time Google can suddenly change indexing method. Certain posts/articles that appeared on first page may disappear and new ones can take up first position.

Some internet marketers are up bit with these kind of changes. I have alluded to above. Search engine crawlers are now designed/tailor made to search for quality. These kind of changes will be there for ever. In case some one advise you to study how Google system works may be misleading you.

Google and others are searching for quality information to make it available to their users. You may write long or short posts/articles, but indexing such material  squarely resides with Google indexing system

When you post/publish material online, you do so for internet users not search engine crawlers and its indexing systems. Write naturally, long post/short posts may all do the trick, i.e. convey quality information.








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