5 Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Converting





You may wonder why your website doesn’t bring about your expected results, here are 5 basic reasons. I have mentioned in some of my posts that you need a website to participate online. Alright, you have a site now, setup and running, however it doesn’t convert visitors into buyers or it fails to attract visitors or it does but it only attracts 1 or 2 visitors everyday. What may be the reasons for that? 

There may be variety of reasons;

#1 Reason

Your site lacks valuable information. People online mistakenly come across it, take a look and simply click away. That doesn’t mean they don’t like it, but it doesn’t address their needs. People search online for specific information to address their needs. Your site doesn’t contain information relevant to what they’re looking for.

Please be careful, no site can address the needs of billion people, you must a have a niche, i.e. what kind of people you’re looking for, what needs do you want to address. You have created a site for the sole purpose of addressing a specific user need. Then don’t expect to address billion internet user’s needs.

#2 Reason

Your site doesn’t offer any service or products. Your site simply replicate what already exist online. You  don’t provide any service. Your site was created for informational purposes. You only offer free online information. Who knows may be other sites have already have such information

#3 Reason

Your site displays irrelevant images/photo’s. In other words your site content talks about something else, and your images/photo’s displays something different.

Or, you don’t have unique images, images of your own. Your did not invest capital to purchase or design your own images

#4 Reason

Your site doesn’t have quality content. All site online must be stuffed with content. One may ask, where to find it. You can find content online. I’m not saying go out there copy and paste other people’s work. What I mean is that you must search online, conduct your own inquiry for relevant information about your site

#5 Reason

You’re in a rush, you have setup a site and expecting to see immediate results. Be warned, there’re billion sites or blogs out there. You need to be patient. Your site is a new platform. People online don’t know you. Those who know you, don’t trust you. Or those who visit your site don’t find anything interesting or solutions to their problems. 

Final thought

If you want to make your site to convert, you need to follow the steps outlined above. The above are not exhaustive list of reasons. They may be many, it depends on you, how you go about creating site authority.

I will give you a piece of advice, if you have come here to create a site, posts few articles/posts or pages and sit back. You’re mistaken.  The online business project have a start, but not a finishing line. it’s a long term process. It requires hard working, continuous improvements. It doesn’t matter whether it converts or not, ongoing improvement is part of it. 

I haven’t email marketing, social media, Pay Per Click marketing, these are some of platforms, you as site owner must also explore. Reason, I didn’t mention them is because they’re bit completed. They require you to learn how to use them. They also bit expensive and time consuming. Having said what I said, these are 5 basic reasons why your site is converting







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