5 Things That Has Never Changed In The Past 10 years Online









I have been working tirelessly online since late 2010. During that period and until now,  the following are 5 notable things that has never changed in the past 10 years online.

  • Back in 2010, relevant keywords were very important as they are now.

Targeted & relevant keywords are very essential features for PPC and search engine optimization. If you want to succeed on this platform, you ought pay serious attention to these networks.

Since 2010, the emphasis was to have correct keywords to enable you to dominate the PPC world. From my on observation and closer analysis, the situation is still the same as we speak.

  •  Back in 2010, websites were important platform, as they are now.

Be rest assured, a website is an essential component of the online world, Never be misled or bullied by self proclaimed gurus that you can succeed without it. When I started, I did not have a site, I relied on affiliate links to interact online. I was a newbie & thought that, a site is of secondary importance.

Least did I know that, I was promoting other people’s business platform (merchant sites). I was just improving their SEO site platform, helping them to high rank & attract more visitors. I didn’t know that I was building other people’s brand and authority.

I conducted an in-depth research about the industry, and began to realize the importance of a website. In a nutshell,  a website of your own was  important since then and still important now and in future

  • Back in 2010, customers/buyers/ visitors were important business component, as they are now

The only newbie marketing method was to “blast your ad to more than 600 million buyers“. This kind of marking methods has disappeared online. Google has lashed out punishment on them. These methods did not serve any customer or buyer’s interest. The customer’s needs & expectations were of paramount importance.

Even today and in future, customers/consumers are an essential component of the offline and online business. Make no mistake about that. People search the web to find product & services to satisfy their needs, that has not changed since then, and it’s not going to changed anytime in future

  • Back in 2012, search engines took serious consideration to relevant, high quality content

Many sites owners who  paid serious attention to quality content, had gained search engine reputation and authority till then and the search engines keep visiting these sites.

Therefore make no mistake, content is what search engines are looking for. If your site has relevant, quality content, major search engines will always keep crawling that site. This element has not changed in the past 10 years, and still relevant today.

If you’re using article directory, spinning articles, curating content and backlinking as your SEO strategy, think again, relevant, quality content is what search engines seriously consider now and future.

  • Back in 2010, PPC campaigns are profitable, cutting edge marketing methods. 

I’m not saying email. social media and other marketing campaigns are less important. These methods are additional strategies in promoting your business online. The PPC method was and still a  primary strategy of make money and promoting business and still the only method that delivers quick results today.

If you want to succeed and make profit online, setting up PPC campaigns  cannot be ignored, by a serious minded internet marketer. Pay Per Click marketing was the only method that delivered profitable results, that period. Even in this day and age, it’s still the essential method, going forward.

No research findings has suggested that this strategy is and will fall in disuse now or in future

Final thought

Certain things online will come and go, others will remain, that is, will never change. Therefore the things mentioned above,  have never change in  the past 10 years online. They will remain essential component of any online project.







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