5 Things You Don’t Know About affiliate Marketing





I guess, you have a background information about affiliate/internet marketing.  In this post I want to reiterate about the very same subject. I will start by asking, what’s the fuss about affiliate/internet marketing

In a nutshell it’s all about advertising/promoting company products online. An affiliate marketer, therefore is simply a third person (you), selling product/services for specific company (Amazon, Walmart.com) on their behalf. Advertising/marketing is about sending out messages to potential buyers about product/services

My question looks like this, do you have expertise/skills to market goods & services. Surely everyone of us may give a positive reply. I need to warn you, you don’t

Marketing in general & affiliate marketing in particular

We are all aware that marketing is at the heart of any business. No business can be successful without marketing, even if it has the best product or service that we’ve seen in years. In short, if you want to make sales and earn money in your business then you have to market.

There are certain things that you should definitely not do when marketing. These common pitfalls could undermine your hard efforts to promote merchant products. So, before you get out there with your marketing hat on, make sure you familiarize yourself with these fatal marketing mistakes.

Knowing what not to do can often save you plenty of time and money, not to mention any unnecessary frustration. This is a serious challenge facing all affiliate/internet marketers. Things you don’t know about affiliate marketing

Failing to choose product to promote

Firstly, you must decide upfront which product you want to market/promote. Take Amazon associates, as an example, they have more than 500 million products at their disposal to promote. Will they be able to choose the correct one to promote. I, guess it’s difficult, the marketplace is frustratingly huge to choose with certainty which one to pick

Underestimating your customers

In case you successfully choose one or more of their product, the next question will be, who’s willing to buy those items. Who’s your customer? Are they searching for those products to buy. What problems do they want to solve with them. In that case you must learn what is called market research.

Failing to choose appropriate marketing method

In case you know who your potential customers are. What advertising/ marketing method are you going to use. The following  are some of the common methods used online;

  • Email marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Mobile marketing method
  • Social media marketing
  • Pay Per Click marketing

These are some generally used methods to promote merchant’s product online. All of them are very expense and most importantly difficult to apply. You need to spend considerable time to learn and apply

Copying the competition

In an offline world, you can tell before hand, the work of a qualified builder and the work of an amateur. Same goes here online. Expert affiliate/internet marketers can separate between amateurs’ advertising method and that of an expert. There’s fierce competition about what appears in the Google first page.

Newbie online marketers have a tendency of “copying and pasting” what appears in the platform. Once you begin copying what others are doing, you’re planning to fail in your advertising/marketing journey. You need to learn how things are done here.

Copying what others are doing is suicidal. Remember, marketing/advertising online requires capital. Something most of us don’t have. I have mentioned just few things, you don’t know about affiliate marketing. However, there’re many more. Keep learning








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