Learn 6 Essential Components A website Must Have


Your business not only needs a website, it needs the right type of website. Before you think about design, its essential to find a structure that suits your business. Regardless of type of website your want to create, there’re 6 core essential components of any website.

Home page

This is the page visitors will reach if they type your web address into their browser. It’s essential that the design you choose makes the immediate right impression; otherwise your potential new customer will click away.

The homepage must also confirm to the customer that they’re in the right place. If you sell women clothes, your homepage needs to provide instant evidence that this is exactly what you sell, i.e. women clothing items.

About us

This is a page describing the company and your team. You should always include enough information to give the visitor a sense of who you are and why they should do business with you. You should be professional and friendly. You must show humanness because people buy from people

Contact us

Visitors need a place to ask questions and see that you’ll support them if they buy from you. Post address, telephone number or email address are all important. You can also use this page to encourage visitors to engage with you on social media.

Privacy policy

Visitors need to know that you’ll treat their details with respect. Remember that whether or not you’re a registered Data Controller, you have a legal requirement to protect the privacy of your visitors, both when they’re browsing your site and once they become customers. You must protect their personal information at all times


A list or catalogue of your products and/ or services. You should mention/indicate the type of services/products you offer to your customers. It’s essential that you include prices of these items. Failing to display product prices is a fatal mistake to avoid.

Visitors must know before hand how much they expect to pay for any product you sell.  It gives them a choice & decide how much they will spend, for each product.

Organic structure

The structure of your website shouldn’t be set in stone. The core will probably remain the same, but you need to be able to add and remove pages/posts to respond to the needs of your visitors and marketing campaigns as they arise. By creating your site in a content management system such as WordPress, you retain this flexibility.

The key test is whether customers can easily navigate your site or get lost in its structure. You can find this out using tracking software such as Google Analytics, which allows you to see anonymous data about how visitors made their way through the site and from which pages they exited. By looking at which page/posts cause most customers to leave, you can tweak & improve its content

Final thought

Your website is your  business lay out, you must take time to structure it properly. It’s important to look at your rival websites, how they’re organized?, what do you like about them?.

They’re millions of web developers out there, you may also visit their sites to compare what kind of sites they develop. But the above are the 6 essential components of every website.






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