6 Most Important Plugins For Your WordPress Site

Once you have created your website using WordPress, you need to improve your site functionality by downloading necessary plugins. Below are the 6 most important plugins for your website.

All in One SEO Plugin

This plugin enhances your website to be easily found by Google search engine. I enables you to submit your site to  XML site map and Google webmaster tool.

It assists your site to appear at the top of searches results. It also optimizes it for search engine. If you want your site to be search engine friendly, you need to download and install All in One SEO plugin.

Google XML site map Plugin

Besides All in One SEO, Google XML site map plugin is another additional plugin. It enables your site to create special XML sitemap to assist Google, Bing, Yahoo to properly index your website.

In case you want to install search Google Webster tool & XML sitemap, this plugin is a must to install in your blog. The plugin will notify all search engines every time a new post/page has been created.

WP-SpamShield Plugin

Once your site is up and running and your visitors start to visit, you need this plugin. Some of your site visitors, aren’t genuine one, They do so in order to leave spam comments/messages. Spam comments is situation where a visitor leaves an ugly URL.

The main purpose is to entice you to visit his/her blog or offers you something to buy. You don’t need any visitor, but visitors to see your products & take necessary action. If you want to block spam comments/messages you must install this plugin. It’s free, you don’t need to purchase it.

Social media plugin

If you write posts/pages, it is advisable to share its content to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or Google+. The purpose to inform this audience about your content. This plugin will provide you with social media, icons anywhere in your posts/pages. After you have publish it, you will then share it on social media sites for people to see. This plugin will do exactly that.

Pretty link plugin

Surely your content will have images/photos/text to show your visitors, visual material.

You must ensure that these materials in your content are clickable. In order to do that, you need to create a short link which will take your visitors to other site/pages/posts or products. Pretty link plugin will enable you to create clickable text/images.

WordPress edit plugin

For purpose of writing posts/pages, you need a wordpress to do so. This plugin serves as Microsoft word template. It enables you to write content, adding numbers, bullet points, font size, Bold letters etc. There’re variety of these plugins available, but wordpress edit plugin is the simplest one to use when installed.

Final thought

Plugins enable your site to function adequately than without them. It enhances the functionality of you site. However, too many of them will interfere with site speed.

Another challenge about many plugins is that they sometimes clash with one another, in such a way that, your site performs poorly, i.e. they disrupt one another’s performance. You therefore need at least the above 6 most important plugins for your website.







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