If you want to start a successful online business, follow the 7 tips outlined below; 







If you want to start a successful online business, follow the 7 tips outlined below;   

1. Your own website

I know, critics may argue that you can participate online without a website, I disagree, the internet is organized into billion sites. Anyone who wants to make his/her present know, must have a location to do so.

It’s unnecessary, to have a stunning website, even a dummy website can assist you to establish your location. Some internet users maintain, that, they can build one for you, use it and promote your business. 

What they don’t tell is that, the site platform is customized to suit their own business needs, not yours. Thus, you need to build yours that is fashioned to promote your own business ideas 

2. Your own domain registration 

Your site must be registered in your business name. Johnshop. com or Good site.com, is the bad choice. The site name must speak to what your are promoting. You need to be creative here, the following names may be recommended, yourwinterjackets.com, whatuneednow.com, etc. 

Your domain name must describe what you intend to offer to your visits. It is for that reason you must come up with creative name

3. Domain name hosting

About 90% of domain name registration companies provide hosting services. When you have registered your name with them. You don’t have to struggle searching for a place to host it. They offer both domain name registration and hosting.

Most popular companies are Goddady. com, Namechip. com etc. This doesn’t prevent you from searching for others which are more cheaper and reputable. However, they must be able to address your business needs.

4. An email from reputable email supplier

This tip can never be overemphasized, you must be easily accessible when visitors need help. You must reply to all your visitor’s emails. Your personal email may be used, however, you must guide against mixing your personal issues with business matters.

Your own business email address must be separated from your personal emails. 

5. An email autoresponder

This area is also more important, from time to time, you need to market your business profitably by sending  information about any current  or future developments.

You therefore have to setup an autoresponder, the following are reputable companies that I know, Mailchip, Getresponse, Aweber.com

6. Social Media Account

Yes, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc are social media platforms that are very crucial in promoting your business these days. Statistics reveal that social media users are estimated at more than 1 billion

This is a lifetime opportunity for your business. You can’t do without it. You must register and open user account with at least 5 social media houses. 

7. Create Content

Content creation will enable your business site to gain recognition by Google, Bing, and other major search engines. All sites irrespective whether they are social or business site, require content. Internet users don’t visit sites with poor quality content.

If you want to start a successful business, then you need to staff your site with quality content. I’m not referring to any content, but quality content. What constitute quality, a site with quality content means, large number of posts/pages, quality images, products and other business information

Most sites that consistently appear on 1 to 10 Google pages contain good quality content. You need to make time for yourself to create it

Final Thought

I have outlined 7 tips to start a successful online business, the list is not exhaustive, there can be more than 7 tips.However, I have just outlined only 7 important tips, which may assist you to get started.

The information, I have alluded to above serves as basic foundation to the subject , you as an aspirant online business entrepreneur   will have to come up with more which are based on your individual needs 







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