Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Luther, Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate Niche Marketing Inc since 2008. 

Where do I come from? 

 From Public Service. I spent 30 years in public/government sector. I had enjoyed being there. Until I discovered that public sector career, ends at 60 years.

When I check my pension benefits in 2008, Gosh, it was not sufficient to keep me afloat post-retirement age. It was on those basis that I search online for additional/partime income.   

Any Challenges Encountered? 

Yes, I encountered serious & overwhelming challenges. To name but few. 

I realize that I couldn’t do this thing alone. I needed someone to take me step by step (a coach) . I eventually came across Wealthy Affiliate Niche Marketing Inc.

It is at WA, where I accumulated advanced  knowledge  on how to;

How Much Are Making Online?

$15k Per Month. However, It took me almost 24 months to start making $1k. Making money online doesn’t come easy. It’s full of glitches, concepts, ideas, systems, processes that you’ll never understand if you do not have relevant training

Do You Provide Money Back Guarantee If I don’t succeed? 

Unfortunately not what I can guarantee you, is an extensive, in-depth knowledge about   affiliate marketing. Even if you quit & feel bad about not making money. However,  you would have accumulated a clear background about the industry. About 60% of members who did not make money & quit, they do come back at latter stage.

But people associate affiliate marketing with SCAM?

It’s true affiliate marketing is regarded as scam business. It’s a scam, if you join this industry out of desperation for making money.

Make no mistake, affiliate marketing is a legitimate business like all other. If in any event it’s a SCAM, why business like Walmart, Amazon, Rakuten affiliate, Commission Junction etc., pays more than 1 BILLLION year after year to people like me & others?






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