Advantages & disadvantages of Starting Affiliate Marketing Without A Website









There’s a view among seasoned affiliate marketers that anyone can money online without making any effort, at least to create  a website. In this post I want tell you about advantages & disadvantages of starting internet marketing without your own website.



It’s true that it’s not a prerequisite to create a website to start affiliate marketing business.

Just imagine selling products in a boot of your car. How many buyers  will even consider buying from you.  Affiliate marketing is a process of selling other people’s products in return for commission. Normally merchant/companies has their own websites with different products.

These merchants have build in promotional materials, in the form of links, banners etc. The promotional materials are designed to assist the company or affiliates to simply market products online. The role of affiliate marketer is to sign up, create affiliate link and start promoting products. is a case in point. 

The affiliate marketer doesn’t need to maintain and develop a site, create products, products are already available in company website. It saves him/her a lot of money to spend on creating, developing & maintaining a site. The site creation, development, and maintenance requires money.

Money for registering and hosting a domain name, learning how to maintain and optimize website, driving traffic to it. Thus an affiliate marketer, doesn’t worry about acquiring any technical knowledge of  web development. He/she is only concerned about bringing visitors to the site, possibly to buy products.



Although building affiliate marketing business doesn’t need a website. The honest fact is that , 95% of successful affiliate businesses have websites of their own. They took trouble in learning technical skills of building sites. A website is like a store, where web visitors go to search for any information to address their needs.

A website owner provides the required information/service to the visitor. He/she is like a shop owner, he/she interacts on ongoing basis with the visitor. He/she responds to any question, the visitor may ask in relation to the products/services he sells.

An affiliate who doesn’t have a site, doesn’t get that opportunity to interact with visitors, answer question, provide valuable information required. A site owner and a customer/visitor interaction is a essential prerequisite in today’s online business.

Other affiliate marketing networks, i.e. Amazon, do not register affiliates who don’t have websites. The good thing about these networks, is that, they have million products in their platforms, which pay high commission to affiliates. If you don’t own a site, you will loose a lot of money in the process.

If you want to genuinely succeed in making affiliate marketing your lifetime business, you honestly require to build a website of your own. In that way to will build a successful business going forward..

Final Thought

Any online expert/guru who tells that, you can succeed in internet marketing industry without a site is misleading you. You can’t build a successful business without a shop/location.

How will people find your you & your products. Buyers don’t buy from strangers. They buy from people they know & trust. In order to gain such status & reputation you need to have a business location, i.e. website. It’s easy & quick to create one. has taken all the website creation stress away.







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