Affiliate marketing for beginners, How To Make Money For Free


Owner: Jacob Hamsworth


Rating: 3/5

For who: Beginners


The book is published by James Hamsworth available at Amazon Kindle Book. Affiliate marketing for beginners, Make Money For Free. It doesn’t have rating yet. It was published on 26 February 2016. It contains 14 pages. It costs $0.00 at Amazon. The purpose of the book is to provide internet marketing background  to beginners & how they can explore money making opportunities with affiliate blog/website. It contains the following chapters;

  • Relationship between blog & internet
  • How blog makes money
  • SEO and website ranking in Google
  • How to make passive income & get traffic

The book is a beginners guide to make money by blogging. It seeks to help newbies to understand internet marketing money making opportunities. It’s reasonably affordable, that is, its very cheap, anyone can buy it.


Although its affordable piece of material. It deals a lot about blogging exercise. It doesn’t give a detailed information how to go about creating, maintaining a successful blog or website. It only teaches buyer about something to do about blogging projects. The only noticeable benefit about it is that, the blog allows you to stay connected online. It is the tool for engaging with web audience. In order to stay connected here, you need a platform to do so. The blog serves as a platform.

However, It contains few chapters as outlined above, with a total of 14 pages. Any topic about blogging requires a detailed information about website creation, getting quality traffic to a blog. convincing visitors to get what they look for in a blog/website. The author needs to add more information regarding search engine optimization & traffic generation.

Final thought

Nonetheless, the book provides a basic understanding about blogging online, how to take advantage of this method & generate income in the process. The internet marketing industry is a challenging one. Making money online doesn’t happen on accident. If you want to pursue money making dreams, you need to be prepared to work hard, be prepared to spend money at some stage, be prepared to fail as well.

About 95% of advanced internet marketers has been there, they had failed many times, but kept on going. Although it may sound scary, success in this industry is possible, others are succeeding as we speak. The winning formula in this industry is learning. The book at least provide you with what is in store for you. Now is the time for you to dig further for more information. Take this book as a learning curve. Combine it with other internet marketing material, start implementing few steps & move forward.

Once, you have gathered the basic information, you need to design a plan of attack. By so doing, you would have accomplished the first difficult task. As a tip, I want to tell you that you need at least a year to see the results, less than that period, engage yourself  into research process. Don’t chase results but success. The results will be the output of your input effort. But get copy of the book affiliate  marketing  for beginners, how to make money for free and start accumulating internet marketing ideas.








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