Affiliate Marketing Schoolbook, Beginner’s Course You Must Know

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Website: Affiliate Marketing School Book

Price: $47

Owners: Laura Burke

Overall Rank: 2 out of 5

For Who: Beginners

Book Overview:


It’s an ebook downloadable at Clickbank, the book is written by Laura Burke. It’s earmarked for beginner internet marketers. It provides basic understanding about website development and marketing it online. the underlying purpose of the book is to teach buyers how to build internet business online.

It’s arranged into the following topics;

  • How to attract right customers to your website
  • How to choose a relevant domain name
  • How to promote your site
  • How to prepare your site for search engine optimization
  • How to comply with internet laws
  • How to market your website
  • How to use marketing methods to generate income
  • Free domain name hosting

The book teaches affiliate marketing beginners how to start internet marketing business for purposes of generate supplementary income. It’s designed for those who’re desperate to make additional income for themselves. However the book doesn’t provide the following topics

  • Keyword research tutorials/tools
  • Website development
  • WordPress basic tutorials
  • Social media marketing
  • Cost Per Click marketing methods
  • One – on – one support
  • Any guarantee for no additional costs


The purchase price is $47 once off. It’s too high considering the information outlined in the topics. Some information contained therein can be obtained freely online.

The buyer will be reluctant to part ways with $47, if what is promised is available elsewhere for free. The author/owner should consider reducing the purchase price or add more information. One of the challenges facing beginner internet marketers is the technical aspect of internet marketing.

Certain information is foreign to beginners, thus they need person – to – person support. The author must avail himself/herself  continuously to offer guidance to the learner to enable him/her to master the content

Overall view:
good-vs-bad-debtThe book is suitable for beginners to grasp knowledge about internet marketing industry, However the book price is too high, taking into account the information contained in it.

Similar beginner’s courses are available online at reasonably lower prices. The price set by the author only benefit the author not the buyer. It’s advisable that the author should reduce the book price, at least by 60%

For your information, I suggest you visit in case you’re searching for eBooks related to affiliate marketing. The site has more than million of them discussing the same topic. Or visit below and learn more about Affiliate marketing, going forward

But let me give you a brief overview about affiliate marketing. I will start by saying, this business model may look easy to accomplish. I need to warn you, it comes with challenges. 90% of newbie affiliate marketers fail miserably in their infancy stage. 

What may be the reason for such huge failure?. It’s the manner how it is promoted. Those promoting/marketing it simply take internet users granted. Unfortunately spending money. investing your time on any financial project requires determination, being committed to fail. 







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