AFFILORAMA: Largest IM Training

Name: AffiloramaScreenshot_27

Price: Free Basic Membership,                            Premium $67/pm

Owners: Mark Ling

For Who: Beginners to Advanced Internet Marketers

Rank: 80/100

Overall view

Affilorama is an affiliate training membership site. It’s sole purpose is to train beginners and advanced internet marketers to Make Money Online. It was established in 2005, by Mark Ling. The site is dedicated to train people in affiliate marketing industry. The primary aim is to teach newbies as well as those who have already acquired internet marketing skills, how to make money online through affiliate marketing. The site boast about 390 000 members in its database. The training is organized along the following training resources;

Basic program

  • Basic step by step online video’s & online tutorials
  • Site ranking & analysis tools

Premium level:

Free video lessons;

  • Market research
  • Content creation
  • Site building
  • Marketing ideas
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Affiliate outsourcing
  • Affilorama forum (members asking questions & sharing ideas)
  • Guru views

Additional Paid resources;

  • AffiloTools
  • AffiloBlueprint
  • AffiloJetpack

Affilorama is an educational resource for every aspirant internet marketer. As a newbie spending $67/pm will go a long way in learning the dynamics of affiliate marketing. It may provide you with clear basic understanding about the industry and how you can generate additional income for yourself. Indeed if you’re new in this industry, in desperate need for side income, spending that amount is a life time investment in online knowledge. For advanced internet marketers, it’s advisable to join the site in order to get industry current updates & trends.


Any learning resource to generate income for yourself it’s a go for it. However, the site has its own shortcomings & challenges. It doesn’t have one -on-one support for slow learners, including those who have no clue about internet  marketing language & skills. Another limitations are that it contains an upsell feature. A $67/pm is not all what you will end up paying. If you need more advanced tools, additional amount is required.

That in itself is too much for starters who expect to learn & generate profit within minimum budget. Any additional amount is tantamount to draining member limited financial resources. The question who benefits more, surely the site owner.

What the site owner heavily relies on, is the training provided on site. Mark, believes the training resources on site are adequate enough to assist trainee to succeed. The additional fees are not clearly explained to new member. It is suggested that the owner, discards any additional fees associated with further training. $67/pm is adequate enough to cover all total training costs, nothing more.

The site doesn’t provide money back guarantee, in case the new member is not completely satisfied about the quality of training resources

Final Thought


Getting more internet information has never been a bad idea. Mark Ling is an experienced internet marketer. He joined the industry in 2005. He has extensive internet marketing training background.  Almost 400 000 members can’t be wrong in joining the site.

He has established himself as number one internet marketing coach. Internet marketing training sites are very crucial in money making industry . It eliminates uncertainties associated with this business & it also improves business skills. It has three membership options;

  • Free Starter Membership
  • $67/pm premium membership

However, it doesn’t provide the following training resources

  • One-on-one support
  • In-house keyword tool
  • Domain name registration & hosting
  • Doesn’t have full time support staff, site uses premium members

But, Affilorama membership site has done great ground work in teaching affiliate marketers to make money online. It has trained & produced high income earning affiliate marketers, there’s no doubt about that.