All-In-One Social Media Marketing For Dummies

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   Owner: Jan Zimmerman

  Overall Rank: 4.4/5

  For Who: Beginners

The Good:

This is an eBook by Jan Zimmerman, All- in- One Social Media Marketing For Dummies, it was published at Amazon Kindle Book in May 2017, and has 744 pages. It’s fairly rated at 4.1/5 scale. It has also been positively reviewed by 86 customers.

The purpose of the book is to teach internet marketing dummies how to use social media platform to promote their business. It’s organized according to the following chapters;

  • Introduction
  • Social Media Mix
  • Cybersocial tools
  • Content marketing
  • Twitter. com
  • Pinterest
  • Social Media Marketing strategies
  • Measuring social media marketing results
  • Etc

The book covers many social media areas that teach newbies about the platform. It equips social media marketing beginners, with adequate skills. The basic idea is social media analysis, which includes what it is, and how it works. Furthermore it teaches them, the inns and outs of the network.

The last chapter deals marketing aspects of social media like, displaying products, promoting website links, and other marketing tools that can be used by social media marketers. In a nutshell, it serves as valuable learning material regarding social media

Its chapters, covers wide areas of social media platform and what happens within it. It’ contains comprehensive information about the network as a whole.

The Bad

Although the book is a valuable tool for those who want to excel in social media network, however, internet advertising in general comes with unique challenges.

The social media platform was not created for advertising. The main objective behind it, is social relations. It was established for the sole purpose of social engagement among users.

There’s growing perception among social media marketers that fortunes can be made in the platform. It’ doesn’t matter what perceptions they may have. The underlying reason for partaking in social media, is nothing else, but social engagements. The advertising component is of secondary importance

The book, All-in-One social media marketing, is a learning resource for newbies regarding social media. It’s not how much money you can make, but much knowledge you can gain from this digital material


Final thought

All-in-One Social Media Marketing For Dummies is a learning resource for newbies. The book was published to assist newbies to learn alternative online marketing methods

In order to participate freely in the platform, newbies must learn how it works. The network have more than 500 million users, who may be your potential website visitors and future customers. Learning how the network operates may provide online marketing opportunities.

Having said what I said, the social media houses were designed as a tool for creating networks of social relations, not business promotion. I need to warn you,  learning how the platform works is not a bad idea, but don’t raise your hopes too high.

The primary marketing method here online is PPC and email marketing. Social Media marketing is a secondary method of advertising.

Downloading the book,  All-in-One Social Media Marketing For Dummies, material is not a bad idea, especially if you’re interested using social media as your future marketing strategy








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