Are You Adequately Prepared For Retirement life?










The word retirement means a stage where one is unable to work, or a stage where one can find employment. The stage begins when someone has reached 60 or 65 years old. Surely employers need young & productive people.

People who can work, travel to different employers business location. Your work life has come to an end. It’s now the time to start living retirement age. Are you adequately prepared for it?.

To most people, retirement means nothing, other than sitting at home, being non productive, attending community work/activities. There’s work for everyone during retirement age. For you to remain productive in life, you need to pursue a certain career. A career field that will compel you to work each & everyday of your retirement life.

Retirement plans by employers

Aged people, people above 50 years are regarded by employers as older employees, not fully productive, people who need assistance on how to prepare themselves for retirement. Companies have developed retirement plans for older employees.

Retirement plans are aimed at preparing employees for job exit. These programs include, how to save money, how to spend money, how to reduce debt, how to get rid of unwanted debt, living within your financial means, etc. Nothing or no retirement plan involving starting a business.

Unfortunately the cost of living keep rising every year. The amount of pension payout doesn’t necessarily cater for all your retirement needs. . Most retired people have insufficient financial resources to sustain them during this period. If you think, retirement life will be fruitful, meaningful, think again.

Do You have enough money for retirement? 

If you ask people whether they have enough money for retirement, 65% will give you a negative answer. They will say, they don’t, others they simply say “I’m not sure”. There’re variety of reasons.

  • Their pension savings will not last them the rest of their lives
  • They didn’t invest enough money for retirement
  • Those who saved, their investment doesn’t keep up with inflation
  • They didn’t financially prepare themselves for retirement.

You need to be financially stable in order to survive retirement life. The only way to do so, is to establish a business for yourself, either part time or full time.. There’s long list of skills you have acquired during your work life.

Example, repairing cars, lawnmower, planting flowers, selling, writing, repairing home appliances, computers etc. Then, time has arrived to apply those skills to generate additional income for yourself .

Starting your own online business as preparation for retirement life

Starting an online business is a project suitable for retired people. You have 9 – 12 hours to utilize everyday. You can’t afford to allow such precious time to go pass without doing anything.

What you need to do is, purchase laptop/desktop, connect on the internet, conduct a market research. develop a niche. If during your work life, you were a manager or supervisor, project manager, time has now come to lead your own online project, supervise it.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes to produce good results. Just imagine  everyday working on a niche project. By the end of the week you’ll come up with a online business model, like selling cellphone gadgets/accessories, or  selling kitchen equipment etc.

Final thought 

If you have been working for 5,10,20, even 30 years, nothing prevents you from working for yourself now. Can you imagine just spending 5 years working for yourself, when you look at that period & achievements, your bank balance reflects $100 000.

The amount that was difficult to accumulate during your entire work life. Therefore, prepare yourself for retirement life, build your own online business now. In that way, you will have adequately prepared yourself for retirement life.





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