At What Level Can Someone Make $3 000 or More Online








These are the type of questions newbies ask when pursuing internet marketing career, “At What Level Can Someone Make $3 000 or more online”I will give you my honest answer.

This amount of cash indicates success It’s impossible to wake up tomorrow with $3 000 or more in your bank account. If you search this phrase on Google, it will return more than 50 million results.

Success does happen by mistake or accident. Success requires hard working, dedication commitment and discipline.

If you want to succeed, and make this achievement, you must be willing to commit time and effort, and be prepared to learn the glitches associated with internet marketing industry. If you do not want to commit a specific number of hours each week doing this work, don’t even bother thinking about making one penny online.

Capital required

Nonetheless, making huge income online is a possibility. There are more than million people who make a living doing it. From my own experience you need to have the following to accomplish this goal;

  • Capital/ Investment

Money, yes, you must invest some money to get started. The following tools need some little capital;

  1. Domain registration
  2. Hosting
  3. Marketing fees ( social media, email marketing, PPC marketing fees & other related ancillary costs)
  4. Membership registration
  • Resources
  1. Internet connection
  2. Personal/ Desktop computer etc
  3. Work space ( home office/place)
  4. Subscription fees for image creation/download (,, etc)
  5. Your own website (
  6. A niche or at least 3 niches not more
  7. Website content, with the following features, 150 posts, more than 10 pages, your own products or merchant’s products
  8. Your site must be regularly updated with posts/ pages
  9. Research the industry continuously
  10. Customers/ buyers
  • Minimum time

At least you must  spend 3 – 6 hours daily on your IM project. If you don’t achieve your expected results don’t give up, keep going. I need to warn you the following personal attributes are important;

  1. Passion
  2. Interest
  3. Dedication
  4. Hard working
  5. Perseverance
  6. Be prepared to fail and keep learning

As for time, you need to make time available to do it. Please, don’t sacrifice your family time. Your family is the most important unit, as it will provide support & sympathy in case you fail to achieve any results. But you must have time set aside to attend to  your family commitments.

Final thought

If you want to make $10 – $3 000 online, you need to work hard and attend to the above important areas of internet marketing. May be I need to further advise you, that internet marketing is not the only project available online.

There’re many more business projects you can try. Let’s assume, you take photo’s offline. You can do so and create a website, upload photo’s and sell to them to image sites.  

To answer the above question, “At What Level Can Someone Make $3 000 online.  You need first attend to areas I have identified and move forward. As a newbie you may not have any clue about how to master them. It is advisable that you join membership sites, and learn more.

To achieve these type of results you must have been working hard online for at least 2 years or more. There’s no way you can make $3 000 without a site of your own. A fully promoted site on social media and other major search engines can assist you to make this achievement.









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