Learn Why Your Own Business is A Must These Days

Let’s start by saying, everyone wants to build his/her own business. In this post I want to tell you why you should develop your own business. In the past 20 years, starting your own business was just a dream. If you ask your friend, family member about how he/she felt about the idea. The quick […]

Stay At Home and Make A Decent Living. Is It Real?

Since Stay At Home  slogan is a talk about town. It’s true for safety and health reason. However, some companies online are encouraging people to do so in order to build home businesses. I need to put this idea into proper context. Starting home business is a dream for any person who wants to generate […]

Learn Why Your Skills Can Make You Wealthy

I want to touch on a very important topic, which is personal and completely ignored. Your skills, Why this subject important. The answer is simple but difficult to understand. May be you have the following skill; Welding Bricklaying Carpenter Mechanical, mechanical, chemical engineer Barrister/lawyer Boiler maker Catering Psychologists social worker Etc, etc The majority of […]

Why You Need Your Own Business?

Why your own business is a must have? When you left school, you went to seek for employment. Your goal was to earn income and take care of yourself. As time went by your financial needs grew, you were not confined to your self needs, but your wife/husband and child. You also needed a small […]

Social Media Marketing Strategies for 2020 and Beyond

Website:Amazon Kindle Book Owner: J. E. Ford Price: $13.95 Rating: 4.9/5 For Who: Beginners  Overview: The Good: The book, Social Media Marketing  strategies, was written and  published at Amazon Kindle Books in October 2018. It contains 109 pages.  Since it was published, it was fairly rated .  The following topics are discussed; Introductory remarks Facebook future […]

What is The Best Niche In Affiliate Marketing?

“What’s the best niche in affiliate marketing ?  simple answer, all niches are best, profitable and lucrative. I will try the best of my knowledge to explain  below; What’s niche anyway? A niche is that specific type of thing/product, people are looking for, which is capable of addressing specific needs/wants. People search online for solution […]