How To Obtain True Wealth & Success In 2022

You can make 2022 a big year for your wealth creation and success by following steps Determine where you are now The first step to obtain true wealth and  success is to determine what’s your current state of your wealth. You must know precisely what your assets and liabilities are now as well as your income […]

Learn How To Select Correct Business Opportunity

            Embarking on a profitable venture may be expensive. In order to ensure maximum success, several factors have to be considered before you decide on a business opportunity The following are important steps when choosing a business opportunity; Comparisons The choice of a business is a relative decision. Never decide […]

Using Private Label Rights Product Good Idea or Not

  If you’re struggling to write or short of ideas to write about something, you need to employ the services of PLR producers. They will take your pain away from lack of ideas. They’re fantastic people. You post a request for articles about any topic, they will be free to research your topic, come up […]


Now Christmas has arrived and 2022 is just a week a away. Unfortunately we are still living in fear of Covid19 Pandemic. Our social, economic & POLITICAL lifes was disrupted SINCE 2019 & still been disrupted big time by the disease. LEST WE FORGET THOSE WHO DIED. WE REMEMEBR THOSE WHO DIED We hope that […]

20 Things You Must Know About Wealthy Affiliate

20 Things You Must Know About Wealthy Affiliate

You may be wondering why I write this post/article. This article seek to clarify certain confusions what  Wealthy Affiliate offers. Below are 20 things you must know about the site; # Not a pyramid scheme A pyramid scheme is system whereby you join for purposes of recruiting others, when they join, you move up the […]

Creating Blog About What?

What’s  a Blog in anyway? A blog is like a magazine/book offline. The magazine editor, regularly write topics about his/her area of interest to readers. In an online platform, it’s a mini website or fully developed site. The owner daily/weekly post articles about something. It may be about cooking, DIY garden flowers, fountain etc. Those […]

5 Steps To Rapidly Increase Your Wealth

Do you know what most people who achieve financial success have in common? They usually all take the time to manage and plan their finances. They also all realize that it’s not how much you earn, but what you do with your money that counts. Hence, if you want to prosper and enjoy financial success, […]

What’s A Niche?

Niche Defined A niche is a smaller part of a larger object. In online business it is that smaller part of a larger item/product/services. Take for an example a car. It’s made out of many automobile parts. It has a battery, gearbox, alternator, fuel pump, tyre, head lamp, all these are motor vehicle components. Even […]

Commodities & Currencies 15 November 2021

What To Expect In 15 November 2021 Gold Short Period =  Friday 12 November 2021 closed $1 865 Long Period = $2 200 Platinum Short Period =  Friday 12 November 2021 closed $1 085 Long Period = $1 350 could fall temporarily  Copper Short Period = Friday 12 November 2021 closed $4.44 Long Period = […]