What is The Best Niche In Affiliate Marketing?

“What’s the best niche in affiliate marketing ?  simple answer, all niches are best, profitable and lucrative. I will try the best of my knowledge to explain  below; What’s niche anyway? A niche is that specific type of thing/product, people are looking for, which is capable of addressing specific needs/wants. People search online for solution […]

Google Rank Does It Matter Anyway?

Most of affiliate marketers battle to keep their articles/blogs/sites on  Google first page. The question, Google rank does it matter anyway. I’m sure it does for  a number of reasons More clicks on  site/posts/articles If your site appears on Google first page, you get thousands or more hits. That’s huge achievement from you, as site owner. […]

How To Maximize Profit With Content Marketing

Content Marketing: Internet Marketing Secrets That Will Maximize Your Profits Website:Amazon Kindle Book Owner: David Scott Price: $16.38 Rating: 4.9/5 For Who: Beginners & advanced Overview: The Good: The book, Learn  How Google Adwords & Google Analytics Works  was written by Benjamin Mangold, and was was published at Amazon Kindle Books on 29 August 2015. It has […]