AWOL IM Training Academy

AWOL Academy: The World Greatest Internet Marketing Training


Owners: Kameron  George


Pro Academy – $99

Inbox Academy – $297

Conversion Academy – $997

Traffic Academy: $997

Master Academy: $3497

Rating: 5/10


The Good

AWOL Academy is an internet marketing training membership site. The primary aim is to train newbies even seasoned internet marketers how to start online business from scratch. Basically the training  tools revolves around Marketing in general & Internet/Marketing in particular.

Everyone wants to make money offline or online, but can’t get started, because we are not certain which system/program to follow. AWOL Academy therefore promises to teach you how to gain knowledge to compete with big leagues online.

It has the following  internet marketing training programs

  1. Pro Academy
  • Cost $99
  • Step by step 5 training modules to build your own funnel system
  • Owners will teach you, from newbie stage to pro internet marketer
  • You’ll receive your own website & hosting platform and many other tools

2. Conversion Academy

  • Cost $997
  • You’ll be taught how to increase “conversions” using their tips and tricks
  • You’ll also receive additional tools to help you in your marketing process

3. Master Academy

  • Cost $3497
  • This is an advanced course, slightly different from others. It’s tailor made for entrepreneurs who want to gain full knowledge of business marketing
  • The course content seek to train you to become some experts in financial management, tax and investment

4. Inbox Academy

  • Cost $297
  • This level has largely to do with email marketing
  • It will teach you  strategies and tricks that are employed by some of the well known business marketers to generate profit

5. Traffic Academy

  • Cost $997
  • In this level, you’ll be taught how to use social media, especially Facebook to generate traffic
  • All Facebook features are taught and explained in this level

6. AWOL Elite

  • Cost $9997
  • The level is designed for those who are  serious about  building online business entity.
  • There’s intensive training and support in relation to other levels
  • It’s only reserved for the chosen few. Those who want to fully understand business dynamics
  • Coaching by highly skilled trainers is provided

The Bad

The AWOL Academy training program provides step by step training modules for internet marketing beginners to become experts in this industry. However, this training program cost is unreasonably expensive.  If the owner wants to convince potential buyers to buy, he must seriously consider reducing the price.

Furthermore, he continuously make mention of “tricks””secrets”or “strategies” without providing full details. As an inexperienced internet marketer, you need details in order to take informed decision. Surely any business person will never keep secrets about his products.

Lastly, the  program is all about internet marketing, what has financial, tax planning to do with such industry, Yes it’s important to have financial knowledge, but the price is expensive, such information can be found freely online or can be given away as bonus. Any aspirant small business owner wants to maximize profit before he/she can think about saving money in the form of investment.

Nonetheless the program is a suitable training initiative of how to build online business. Tutorials about generating traffic to your business, email marketing, social media marketing and other related tools are essential training resource for any internet marketing beginner

Final Thought

This training program is suitable tool for teaching newbies best expertise of starting online and promoting online business. However, I need to mention again that the price is exorbitantly high.  Beginner internet marketers will not afford to pay the prices indicated above.

It’s suitable for those who want to join and promote it for purposes of getting affiliate commission. But if you want to try it, you are free to test drive it, and see how far you can go.