Backlinking Is It Still Relevant in Google Search Engine?

What’s backlinking anyway?

It is a strategy used by site owners to send links from their site to others, with a purpose of enabling other sites to link back to theirs. During the past 10 years backlinking was a popular seo method to improve sites to rank high on Google search engine

The idea was to place as many link as possible out there for purposes of attracting back other links to your site.

Are backlinks still important in 2019 and beyond?

Those who are experts in backlinking, still believes that the method is still important and effective seo strategy. I don’t agree with them. During the past few years Google has slapped all sites that used this method.

Google pays much attention to sites with quality content. In other words Google place 100% value on every site with quality content. Those companies or site owners who heavily rely on backlinking method to generate traffic are just wasting their effort

I was once a member of I had spent more than $250 backlinking gigs there. My site had received 19 800 links from other site. However, I made zero sale from those links. The bounce rate was 95%, i.e. I received poor quality traffic. In case you have experienced the same, you need to take a break and develop quality content for your site

How do you create quality content?

In order to create quality content, you need to find out what people online are searching for. People online are searching for information to address their needs. If you can identify what people are searching for, you will then be in position to know what their problems are. In that way, you’ ll develop quality content, and your site will appear in the first page of Google search.

Final thought

The question, Is backlinking still relevant in Google search engine? . My answer is just simple, it is not, but owners of backlinking methods still believe it is still relevant. I don’t agree. If that is a case, then try to team up with them and see whether your site will improve in search engine results, or whether it will appear in Goggle first page.

Your site needs traffic not just any traffic, but quality traffic. In order to attract the same, you need to create quality content. Content that will attract visitors, who will continuously visit your site and ultimately take a buying decision.

I need to remind you why your here. Your main goal is drive  quality traffic to your site. In your journey to do so, you’ll definitely come across many traffic generating methods. Some are good but some are very bad, i.e. methods that add no value to your site (junk traffic).

These are common challenges facing site owners online. People are selling anything here. The idea is to make money for themselves. Less focus on why you are here. In case you believe or have used backlinking methods before and it worked for you, You can continue using them. But if you’re serious about improving your site seo, you must refrain from using such methods.








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