How To Become A Wedding Planner & Make Profit








For most people, a wedding is a very special occasion. It is a day filled with wonderful memories that they will always remember. However, this occasion requires large scale planning and every bridal couple is afraid that something will go wrong on their big day.

The role of the wedding planner is to reduce this burden for the bridal couple and their parents. He/she makes sure that everything goes according to plan, so that everyone can enjoy this occasion.
This business opportunity has already been operating successfully for many years.  It’s ideal for anyone with good organizational skills, a pleasant personality and who can work under pressure. So, grab this opportunity, become a wedding planner & make profit for yourself.

How To Become Wedding Planner

Draw up a contract between you and the client, detailing the services to be provided. The contract must also include all money payable, as well as the dates when the money must be paid.

Also determine who will be responsible for the payment, such as the parents of the bride or the bridegroom himself/herself.

Services that are provided 

The opportunity to be a wedding planner involves providing a service as an organizer, which includes a wide range of services, such as:

  • Designing, printing and sending
    out invitations and directions.
  • Arranging the photo and video
  • Flowers and bouquets.
  • Bridal car.
  •  Getting the wedding dress
    designed and made.
  • Music – a performer or prerecorded
  • Catering – food, beverages and
  • Reception venue.
  • Booking the honeymoon.

The planner doesn’t personally have to perform these services, but only needs to arrange and co-ordinate them. In effect, he/she acts as the project manager of the wedding. The organizer will need the following information from the bridal couple:

  • The date and time of the wedding and reception.
  • The number of guests invited.
  • The type of wedding required – the reception venue, wedding
    dress, invitations, flowers, etc.
  • Services required.
  • Other specific preferences.

Payment for services

There’re two methods of payment, the client pays suppliers or he/she pays the wedding planner for everything.

The second method is recommended because, it’s he/she who will be in charge of the planning process, thus must deliver quality service.

The first method can be used but not recommended, because the client may choose suppliers who has bad reputation, i.e. providing poor quality service.

On the final note, anyone pursuing this business model need to have leadership, organizing, project management skills. If you have some of them, you stand better opportunity to make huge profit







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