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Website: Amazon Kindle Book

Price: $9.88

Owners: Andrew Macarthy

Overall Rank: 4.5/5

For Who: Beginners to advanced


Social Media Networks are free  to join. Users can upload images/video’s, write articles and engage with one another on ongoing basis, (e.g., videos and images). They also allow business owners to create accounts for purposes of promoting their business products & services

The Good:

Andrew has published the book,  “500 Social Media Tips“, for purposes of new online marketers to grasp the knowledge on how to use it to promote their businesses, It  was first published in January 2018. The book is organized into 18 chapters, and positively reviewed by 289 customers since its inception

For those who don’t have sufficient social media background, and planning to start social media marketing, the book is valuable material. It’s arranged according to the following topics

  • Why business needs social media marketing method
  • Facebook marketing
  • Twitter marketing
  • Pinterest marketing
  • LinkedIn marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Instagram tips

It also contains other free reading material pertaining to social media platforms as free bonus

The Bad

It’s undeniable fact that, the social media has more than 1 billion users compared to any other online platform. It is an indispensable marketing location for any business owner. However, I need to warn you.

Social Media platform was not designed for marketing purposes. It’s primary goal was to facilitate social relationships among internet users. The idea was to share information among them. It can be photo’s, current events, news, politics, commerce, etc. 

The business marketing aspect was created as a secondary component to enable business owners to build their brand and promote their businesses. The book “500 Social Media Marketing Tips, by Andrew, was published to assist social media marketers to promote their products/services. It’s not a replacement to current marketing methods, like Google Adwords or Email marketing and others

Overall view


The book is suitable for beginner to advanced social media marketers. It’s suitable for training purposes, to those who have just started in social media marketing. It may also be useful to advanced social media marketers because it contains current information about social media in general. 

As, I have alluded above, social media platform was not created for marketing purposes. The main purpose is social engagement among users. Your ad may appear in front of 50 000 users, but still get 50 visitors to your site.

Don’t feel bad about it, the audience where your site appear may be huge, but only attracts less than 100 social media users. Remember what I have said above, the platform was created for purposes of social engagement not marketing.

Buying the book, 500 Social Media Marketing Tips , is not a bad idea at all. It will assist you to learn more about social media networks. In order to get as much information as possible about online marketing tips, I wish to advice you to get additional information and training from other sites.  

However, social media engagement these days is a way to go. It can go a long way in promoting your business brand and boosting your site authority. Learning how to effectively use social media will enable your business to grow faster than expected.







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