Shopify Online Store





Build your professional online store with Shopify and start selling any of your merchandise goods, i.e. electronics, clothing, fragrance, perfumes, books, DIY products etc. 

The good

Shopify has the following benefits when setting up online store with them;

  • It”s the largest eCommerce platform, with more than 100,000 international retailers
  • Once your online store is set up, it enables you to sell both online and offline with ease
  • You can create your own domain name, e.g. www.
  • You can sell gifts and coupons
  • Unlike other platforms, it enables you to write posts/pages, similar to WordPress site
  • You can easily process payments, no need for additional plugins
  • You can process in – store purchases with Shopify POS (Point Of Sale)
  • You can also process purchases using your smartphone
  • You have 24/7 Shopify support at your finger tips
  • It has built – in Search Engine Optimization
  • It has infrastructure that keeps your customer information highly secured
  • It continuously add new features based on Shopify customers needs

The bad

Although it’s the largest eCommerce network, but it has its own challenges like all other platforms, the following are notable disadvantages;

  • It’s not free at all, 






  • It competes with Bigcommerce networks, an all – in – one eCommerce solution
  • It’s suitable for startups and small business entities
  • It requires a little bit of web development know – how
  • Does not have basic training on how to  start an online business 
  • Does not have site comment feature

Nonetheless, the platform is more suitable for those who want to start their own small eCommerce site and grow to fully fledged online store, similar to Amazon, Walmart etc. If you want to run and win a gold medal in Olympic Games, you first need to compete and win in your local athletic  games competition.

However, if you want to learn how to sell your own products online, Shopify platform is your starter-kit. Once you have acquired some basic skills of starting an online store, you can then move on to Bigcommerce network.