Learn Why Buying Facebook/Twitter Fans, Good or Bad








Facebook and Twitter are social media networks. Users visit them  to interact/engage with other users on different topics. These platforms allow them to make comments in the form of “likes” or “follow”. They posts any topic you may think of. There’re also businesses who use Facebook/twitter. They posts articles, ads for for purposes of marketing their products or services.

If Facebook ad or twits are liked by users, they give value  in the form of “following or likes”. As for businesses, the responses by users generally creates more traffic to their websites, possibly buying actions. In a nutshell businesses promote their brands or products, as well as generating product reviews or comments.

Since this method is time consuming & expensive, they outsource it to third parties (affiliate marketers). Affiliate marketers then develop their own marketing methods & use it to generate “twits/likes”. Software products are used, range from a once-off payment, example, $50 for 5 000 likes or monthly subscription, $8 for 2 000 twits.

This means that anyone who needs 1 000 or more twits will pay a certain once – off or subscribe to monthly fee. There’s a possibility that  twits/likes are further shared to family & relatives, who will in turn do the same. You may end up with 100 000 or twits/likes

The good thing about generating likes/twits is to promote business brand or product. It increases traffic to your site & search engine ranking. You may end up with 1000 visitors per day, visiting your site.

The Bad about buying Facebook/Twitter fans

The bad thing about buying Facebook/Twitter fans, is that not all visitors who liked or follow your ad, will end up buying anything. Certain bulk traffic visitors are regarded as spam by Google crawlers.

As a result the site will not get search engine ranking. Any buyer of twits/likes will not benefit in the process. What happens is that money is wasted for generating useless traffic.

It may increase visitors to your website, but there’s no guarantee that such visitors will end up buying any of your products/services. The main objective to advertise or generate twits/likes is to cause buyers take action when they land in your website.

It is therefore not productive to bring people to your site, who doesn’t take any action, but hitting a back button. It’s a waste of your financial resources.

Some sites have developed software to generate twits/likes. You pay for twits/likes they send to your website. It has been established that these people promise site owners that they can generate 10 000 twits/likes within a week.

You need to ask yourself a question whether such actions are legitimate or not. You must monitor, what visitors do in your site. Some people are paying others to visits certain sites & only make “likes” comments.

Their goal is to generate responses in the form of “followers/likes” & nothing else, adding no value to your business.

Final thought


If you want to increase traffic to your site, firstly you need to work hard creating content for site. That will go along way building a good reputation for your business.

Secondly Google likes fresh content, content that is meaningfully engaging.  Any twits/likes should be something personally generated by you. On the other hand, if you have subscribed to these providers to obtain twits/likes, make sure that you do so from reputable companies/individuals.

Use the twits/likes for purposes of conducting a research about your customers, e.g. demographics, interest, location etc. Never hope for miracles to happen








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