Buying Product Reviews, Good or Bad idea







Some of you have been taught that before a customer decides to buy, they first  look for certain benefits. It is therefore important for you, as a marketer to provide a complete review of all your products.

What are product reviews anyway?

Product reviews, are opinions given by customers who have purchased the product/services. It may be an opinion by any person who have first hand experience about the same

One may further ask whether such opinions/reviews are really genuine or legit. Yes, some are legit, but others are questionable 

The good

I don’t want lie, providing an opinion about something before making a decision whether to acquire it or not, helps the consumer/customer to make an informed decision. It outlines the benefits and some shortcomings about it. 

There’re billion products online, some are genuine others, but others are fake goods. That’s where product review idea comes from. The product review process will have to comply with certain minimum requirements. If certain products are under review, certain features must be outlined, i.e. advantages and disadvantages as well as benefits thereof. 

There’re many sites online which provides product review information at a certain fee. They go as far as visiting your site, look at your site products and provide you with detailed information  

The bad

There’s misconceptions about product reviews here online. Any person may be advised to setup a review site. The site purpose is to provide opinion about any product. Unfortunately certain people are lazy by nature. They lack knowledge about online product. They then purchase product review packages to use on their sites. 

The down side of this approach is that, the customer/consumer heavily rely on such information that appears on the review, not knowing the fact that such information was created by someone else. What if the customer asked you to provide further opinion about the product, and you can’t provide it. Your package become useless

Buying product reviews may be good or bad. The good is when you have no clue about the product features, then you’re free to find someone to assist you in providing such information. The bad idea is when you heavily rely on product review material, instead of saving money and do it yourself

Final thought

The statement, Buying Product Reviews Good or Bad idea, It gives rise to 2 issues. Asking someone who has knowledge about certain features contained in the specific product/services is not a bad idea, provided your intention is to assist a consumer to take an informed decision.

You, as a service/ product provider has the responsibility to give full account of what you’re selling. On the contrary, letting another person to do work for you, may not be a good idea,  sometimes. The person who creates product reviews, doesn’t know you customer needs or even care about them. His services, may not be required after all.

You must just learn how to create product reviews yourself. Although, you may not have knowledge and skills to do it, but if you’re serious about assisting your customers and building your business, you’ll learn how to do it, rather,  than relying on someone else’s ready made material 










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