Buying Traffic For Your Website Good or Bad?






Some of my followers, keep asking this question, “Is It Good or Bad To Buy Traffic For My site?. First and foremost why do you want traffic? The possible answer is that, you want people to buy products/services displayed on your site.

Well, I agree, any site online is hungry for traffic. Every site owner wants to see visitors flocking to his/her site. If that doesn’t happen, they decide to purchase a tool or something to assist.

The Good

It’s undeniable fact that a site without visitors is no site at all. You can just imagine setting up a shop, but no one bother entering it. It remains empty for the whole week or month. You, as shop owner get frustrated and think about closing down.

Or you advertise your shop in the local newspaper/magazine for free. People notice your ad and start visiting. Definitely you feel relieved and get excited. Excited about seeing potential customers. You repeat the same advertising method over and over again.

This is a similar phenomenon online. You develop a website, promote it. No one visit it. You then purchase a traffic tool, they notice the site, out of nowhere you see people coming. That’s huge achievement. You get excited, watch and expect them to buy.

The Bad

The negative side of buying website traffic is that, you’re inviting anyone, even spammers to visit your site. Not everyone who visit your site is a potential buyer. There’re million spammers online looking for sites which lack traffic. Way back in  2007, I was in the same situation like you.

I was lured to purchase a tool in order to generate huge audience. I was also taught how to drive Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest followers to my site. For your information, my site was visited by 14 500 visitors a month. I got very excited.

Unfortunately not even one of them purchased anything from it. You can just imagine 14,5k visitors to my site. It was a very huge audience. But the bounce rate was 98%. Which means almost 14 200 visitors had visited and simple left. The traffic generating tool I used was AdBlaster, which enables me to blast my site to over 600 million people.

From my own personal experience, any traffic generating tool can assist you to drive traffic to your site. But a word of warning, you’re just inviting bunch of useless traffic. You must just forget about making money online.

What must you do then?

It doesn’t matter whether you plan to generate traffic through Pay Per Click, Email, social media marketing. You need to know what kind of traffic you plan to drive to your site. Not everyone is your potential buyer/customer. People visit the internet in millions not only as buyers. They search for information about many different things. Your traffic generating tool will do simple that, i.e. generate any traffic.

Before you buy/download traffic generating tool, you need to determine what people are looking for online. I don’t think is a wise idea to drive news, soccer,tv, social media enthusiasts to visit your site, whereas it promotes cell phone gadgets.

Final thought

Therefore stop wasting your money and time. You must learn how to drive quality traffic to your site.









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