Can You Make Money With Blogging?







Everyday I come across newbie internet marketers asking this question over and over again, Can You Make Money With Blogging.  I will try to honestly answer this question below

What’s blogging anyway?

Blogging, in a nutshell is a personal diary or journal where you write content about anything, allowing online community to make comments or post opinions etc. In offline world is some kind of a periodic magazine of some sort, where you periodically write about something and allow your readers to make opinions.

Blogging is more suitable for those people who have research findings about certain topic, some call them freelancer or online writers. You don’t have to be an expert in writing. You can start by writing few articles about any topic you familiar with and post them in your site or blog.

I know you want to know whether you can make money blogging, I will provide the answer below

Can you really make money blogging? 

You can make money with it, provided you know what you’re doing. There are many posts/ articles about this subject. It sounds easy, but you need to be careful. Your mind or approach online should not be focused on money making ideas.

The most primary reason for blogging is to convey information to your audience/ group or community. People go online to find solutions about their problems. Does your blog content provide such information. If you goal is to make money, you will probably turn your audience/ visitors away.

People online hates those who are self centered. A word of advice, your main goal about blogging should be focused on helping people rather than making money.

Yes you can make money. Blogging is a process of writing about anything. Lets say you like fragrance/ cosmetics/perfumes and have wide knowledge and experience about the same.  Most importantly you have background information about them. You can create a blog and give your audience first hand experience about them

Walmart. com or Amazon, have huge collection of fragrance/ cosmetic products. You select those you know best, write posts, allow your audience to make comments. Or, let’s say you have vast knowledge about cooking.  You can create a blog, write anything about cooking and  then sell books, magazine, articles about cooking stuff

How can you create your own blog? 

Creating your own blog is simple. You simple go to WordPress. com, register a domain name and hosting, choose a theme and launch your own blog. But it doesn’t end there, you have to work hard to improve and promote it. On average, your blog may take 1 – 2 years to get properly indexed, provided you work twice or three times a week on it.

Final thought

If you have DIY (Do It Yourself ) items/ products or have acquired such skill, you can create a blog to showcase it here online.

On the question, Can You Make Money With Blogging, my answer is a yes, but before you dream about making money, your first goal should be aimed providing people with valuable information, capture their interest & enthusiasm. In that way, it will be easier for you to introduce something for them to buy. Therefore making money with blogging will be easier than you think







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