Learn 6 Mistakes You Can Avoid In Your Business

  It doesn’t matter whether you are a new entrepreneur or an existing one, as most businesses will make a few money mistakes at some stage. A money mistake is simply the misuse of your business’s income, which is something that you may not even be consciously aware of. Here’s a list of 6 common, […]

Enjoy Your Time To Relax in This December

          You’ll agree with me that this December month is very unique, unique to every December month this Planet have experience since World War II. The whole world is still trapped in COVID 19 PANDEMIC SIEGE. Be as it may, this holidays offer unique opportunities For most people, the month of […]

Learn Why Your Personal Budget Is Important

          Why your own personal budget important? You may wonder why I talk about this subject, Put it differently. There’re so many articles discussing about it online.  So, what’s the heck about budgeting. A budget is an essential and  useful tool, which offers you many great advantages if you want to […]

Learn How To Build Wealth Even In Difficult Economic Times

Why businesses survive in difficult economic period? Many countries who are experience difficult economic times normally have a high inflation rate. High inflation goes hand in hand with increase in price of goods & other commodities.  Most businesses struggle to generate profit during such period. However, many businesses try to adjust themselves during this period, […]

Do You Need Big Income To Be Truly Wealthy?

Do you really need big income to be truly wealthy? People think that to be true wealthy or rich one need to get large income. That’s what everyone of us keep thinking.  After all, earning a large income doesn’t necessarily convert into a high net worth at the end of the day. Income does not equal wealth. Moreover, true […]

Learn How To Improve Your Business Without Spending Money

Watching your clients to improve business Have you ever stopped & watch your clients to see how they interact with your business? This is one of the simplest ways to make improvements in it.. Yet, this essential activity is often overlooked. It’s easy to make assumptions about how your clients will use your products and […]

For Long Term Investors, Brexit Is Not A Hype

Whether Britain will remain within the European Union or not, its a done deal. The British people had spoken through the past referendum. In previous years all stock markets has responded badly. The Pound had lost its 31 year gains, global share prices has fallen, not yet fully recovered. But what’s the hype about Brexit? […]