5 Things You Don’t Know About affiliate Marketing

I guess, you have a background information about affiliate/internet marketing.  In this post I want to reiterate about the very same subject. I will start by asking, what’s the fuss about affiliate/internet marketing In a nutshell it’s all about advertising/promoting company products online. An affiliate marketer, therefore is simply a third person (you), selling product/services […]

Learn Why Your Skills Can Make You Wealthy

I want to touch on a very important topic, which is personal and completely ignored. Your skills, Why this subject important. The answer is simple but difficult to understand. May be you have the following skill; Welding Bricklaying Carpenter Mechanical, mechanical, chemical engineer Barrister/lawyer Boiler maker Catering Psychologists social worker Etc, etc The majority of […]

Social Media Marketing Strategies for 2020 and Beyond

Website:Amazon Kindle Book Owner: J. E. Ford Price: $13.95 Rating: 4.9/5 For Who: Beginners  Overview: The Good: The book, Social Media Marketing  strategies, was written and  published at Amazon Kindle Books in October 2018. It contains 109 pages.  Since it was published, it was fairly rated .  The following topics are discussed; Introductory remarks Facebook future […]

What is The Best Niche In Affiliate Marketing?

“What’s the best niche in affiliate marketing ?  simple answer, all niches are best, profitable and lucrative. I will try the best of my knowledge to explain  below; What’s niche anyway? A niche is that specific type of thing/product, people are looking for, which is capable of addressing specific needs/wants. People search online for solution […]