20 Things You Must Know About Wealthy Affiliate

20 Things You Must Know About Wealthy Affiliate

You may be wondering why I write this post/article. This article seek to clarify certain confusions what  Wealthy Affiliate offers. Below are 20 things you must know about the site; # Not a pyramid scheme A pyramid scheme is system whereby you join for purposes of recruiting others, when they join, you move up the […]

Creating Blog About What?

What’s  a Blog in anyway? A blog is like a magazine/book offline. The magazine editor, regularly write topics about his/her area of interest to readers. In an online platform, it’s a mini website or fully developed site. The owner daily/weekly post articles about something. It may be about cooking, DIY garden flowers, fountain etc. Those […]

What’s A Niche?

Niche Defined A niche is a smaller part of a larger object. In online business it is that smaller part of a larger item/product/services. Take for an example a car. It’s made out of many automobile parts. It has a battery, gearbox, alternator, fuel pump, tyre, head lamp, all these are motor vehicle components. Even […]

Tips To Create A Niche Blog

May be you’re one of those guys who want to start something online, but can’t get started. Or a friend of yours gave you a tip to create a blog site . My question to you is simple, why spending all your precious time commenting on other people’s stuff. Now is the time to start […]

How To Make Money Without Doing Affiliate Marketing

Can You Make Money Online Apart From Doing Affiliate Marketing? Yes, you can. There’re million products offline you can sell online and make money. Think about collecting second hand clothes from people. Or purchasing a cooldrink/cigarette vending machine or any other products that you can sell offline. Next thing you setup a store, stuff it […]

Cyber Pandemic Attack Are You Aware?

The World Economic Forum warned as early as March 2019, that the world should prepare for a COVID-like global cyber pandemic that will spread faster and further than a biological virus, with an equal or greater economic impact. It is important to pay attention to this warning, issued by the World Economic Forum, regarding the […]

How Can I Get Rich Overnight?

People ask, “How Can I Get Rich Overnight “My answer is simple, You won’t  but overtime you’re guaranteed to become wealthy, to be rich sounds too gimmick. That’s why I use wealthy. In order to be wealthy, you have to follow the guidelines below; Control your emotions The mere statement that says you want to become […]