Top 10 Tips To Build Business Online

  Website: Amazon Kindle Book Owner: Jordan Koma Rating: 4.5/5 For who: Beginners  Prons: The book is written by , Jordan Koma “The Top 10 Strategies To Build A Successful Online Business Empire” was published on 2 April 2016 at Amazon Kindle. It costs $3.41, and rated 4.5/5. It has 138 pages. Its organized according to the following […]

Mistakes To Avoid When Writing A Blog/Article Online

If you have developed a good website, with quality content, you need to continuously write blog posts or articles for your website. There are few mistakes to avoid when writing blogs/articles for the internet.   Blogs/articles without images When writing for online audience, remember people do not see you. You’re communicating with people who don’t […]

How To Become A Leading Expert

A leading expert is someone who is viewed by others as being an accepted, reliable and irrefutable source of knowledge in their field of interest. This is someone who takes the lead and sets the tone in their area of interest. As a result, this person develops a loyal following, because they are seen as a trusted source of accurate information. In this way, you […]

What It Means To Be Truly Wealthy

You need more than just a big income In order to enjoy financial independence, it’s important to ask yourself this question: “Am I truly wealthy?” But, what does that actually mean? All too often people mistakenly believe that they are wealthy when, in fact, that’s not always the case. After all, earning a large income […]

How To Get Noticed In Your Current Job

Maybe, working for yourself or starting business hasn’t come to your mind. There’re certain things that you need to do to grab the attention of your current boss. We all want to make progress in life. We all want to earn more money, have a bigger office, obtain  some prestige and feel satisfied about the goals that we’ve achieved. […]

What’s The Hype About Brexit?

Whether Britain will remain within the European Union or not, its a done deal. The British people have spoken through the past referendum. In the previous week all stock markets has responded badly. The British pound has lost its 31 year gains, global share prices has fallen, not yet fully recovered. But what’s the hype […]