Starting Your Own Business How Informed Are You?

Your own business, irrespective of how small it is, has become a sought after achievement. The question is how informed are you about starting it?. Previously, people drove about with a tractor tyre on the back of their trucks, because everyone would then assume that they owned a farm. Today the status symbol is an […]

What’s Stopping You From Starting Your Business?

Starting your own business has many benefits, some of them include, additional income, business knowledge, long term investments. But, what stops you from starting it. The following are some of the reasons;   Your worried about the competition If you’re worried about your competitors, you definitely undermine the knowledge and skills you have. You competitors […]

How To Make Money With Amazon

Website: Amazon Kindle Book Price: $5.69 Owners: Michael Greene Published: 13 September 2015 Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 For Who: Beginners Prons: Th book author is Michael Greene, it’s about money making strategies using affiliate marketing, organized in to the following chapters: Amazon affiliate marketing Finding niche products Creating traffic to website Creating domain name and […]

Affiliate marketing is it Genuine Or Scam?

Affiliate marketing is not a SCAM, it was never created to scam web users. There is a difference between making money and building a business to make money. Building affiliate marketing business and making money goes hand in hand. These aren’t two event, but two processes in one.   What’s “making money”, what’s affiliate marketing? […]