How to Market Your Website Using Email/Social Media

  So, you have a website – what now? You need to take it a step further, i.e you should promote it. A website is only as good as its promotion. If you really want it to stand out from others, it must attract attention. There are tons of tiny sites that got lost somewhere […]

How to Setup Online Store

Website: Amazon Kindle Book Price: $7.97 Owner: Jonathan Eldridge &  Robert Bustamante Overall Rank: 4 out of 5 For Who: Beginners   Book Overview: The Good: The book is written by J. Eldridge &  R.  Bustamante. It contains step by step information on how to start online business, if you’re new on the internet. Its written in an easy […]

How saving money can guarantee future prosperity

The secret to being wealthy is to put money aside in the form of savings. It’s pointless to earn a lot of money and to spend it all. If you want to build real wealth, you must find a balance between spending and saving. You can do this through smart investments. But, the first step you should take every month is to save a […]

The Difference between Multi – Level Marketing & Affiliate Marketing

Multi Level Marketing Multi – level Marketing is a strategy/marketing method whereby, a person approaches a merchant and offer to sell his products (salesperson) on merchant’s behalf. The merchant agrees, provide him/her with promotional material to market company/merchant products. The salesperson/agent will market the products, if the buyer, ultimately buys the product/s, the he/she gets […]