How To Check Your Website Performance with Google Analytics


If you have created a website, promoted it, you need to check your site performance;

  • who visit your site,
  • how many are they,
  • who’re your new/regular visitors,
  • their interest,
  • where do they come from,
  • their age, locality,
  • visitor’s behavior in your site.

The only tool that will assist you with this information is Google Analytics. Google analytics help to bring that information. It’s an important planning tool. It helps you to measure your site performance on daily basis.

Without it, you will never know how your site performs, you won’t have a clue about your site activity. It helps to determine whether the marketing method, you use is effective or ineffective. You must have your own website to install the tool, very important. Any site which belong to third parties, doesn’t allow you to install it.

All in One SEO Tool

This plugin is an essential feature of your website. Without it, it will be difficult to incorporate Google Analytics tool to your website. It’s free plugin. You must simply go to your site plugin platform, search and install it.

Create Google Analytics Account

You must first create Google account in order to setup their Analytic tool. Google account will enable you to access all Google products/services. If you have Gmail account it will assist reduce the pain of creating an account.

Copy Your Analytics Tracking Code

Once you have Google Analytics account, you must now sign in & go to your Analytics dashboard. You must further insert your site URL. It will give the tool some information about your site. Google will provide you with a tracking code to insert in your site.

The purpose is to verify that you’re the owner of that site. You don’t need web development skills to perform this task. Google will give you a tracking code & provide your with step – by – step instructions of pasting the code in your site.

You will be required to copy & paste the code in your site. Google will certify that indeed the site is yours. After few days it will supply you with traffic information coming in and going out of your site.

Final Thought

Tracking information coming in and out of your site is an indispensable method to boost your site traffic. It tells you what happens in your your website. If  you create post/pages, promoting it online requires you to test any activity occurring thereafter. This will enable you whether the marketing methods you use produces the desired results. These methods are commonly used by advanced internet marketers online.

You as a newbie can use it as well. It doesn’t cost any penny to do it. The Google Analytic tool also gives website owners not only about visitors, but also PPC campaigns. It will supply you with information about your keywords performance if you have setup a PPC campaign.

Furthermore it has social media features. It tracks all  information about your site social media engagement. There’re videos that will help you to go about assisting you. You don’t need someone to help you. such people have a tendency to sell you something in return. If you’re stuck, contact Google support for help.

If you need some information about how to embed your Google Analytic tool, you may visit the site below








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