Content Or Webtraffic To Your Site, Which One Is Important?

Some say, “Content is King” others say, “Webtraffic is a lifeblood of any website”, The question is, content or webtraffic which one is important?


Indeed, webtraffic is an important and essential element of any website. A site without it, is a dead platform or network. One of the biggest challenge facing every site owner is traffic, without it, the site is unknown in the internet world. Thus, every site owner must work very hard to accomplish this task.

Traffic generation is not a once off event, it’s a process. You can’t work for a week creating it, and simply stop believing that visitors will keep coming.

You are required to constantly seek and generate it. Some people believe on outsource method, i.e. they outsource this task to other people to do the rest for them

Very few or no site owner has been successful with it. Entrusting this responsibility to someone else is suicidal. Those who help others to generate traffic do so make profit for themselves, not anyone. 90% of  their traffic  is simple Junk.

One of the most effective method of generating it, is YOU, site owner himself/herself. Yes, traffic is one of the most essential component of any website. But content is another one.


Of course, Content is King, you can imagine yourself going to an offline store to buy, but you find empty shelves. What you do is to take a U – Turn, you just move to the next shop. If you take as an example, there’re more than 500 million products there.

Any person who visit Amazon looking for a specific product, he/she ends up searching the entire marketplace. It’s full of content. It’s therefore important to you as site owner to create content.

People visit your site because you placed an ad or banner, offering something that can solve his/her problem. Your site therefore must be aimed at addressing certain needs.

In this regard website content becomes even more important than traffic. Besides product/services you sell on your site, you should also include certain information about the site and products. That can be done by writing posts or pages. It enables visitors to learn more information about your offers and the site itself.

Therefore content is the storefront of your site, people will visit those sites which are full of information (content).

Final thought

Content or webtraffic, which one is important?, my answer is that both are important. The only difference is that content comes first. Before you invite people to a social gathering, you need to prepare, food, drinks, chairs and table, to me that’s content. Visitors when they arrive must be confident that they will be entertained when the event begins.

My recommendation is that you must work very hard to build content for your site. Forget about traffic for a while, but focus on content creation. When your site has adequate information to engage with visitors, then you need to work on inviting traffic to your site.

Both of these site elements are important, but content comes first, webtraffic second.






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