How You Can Create Your Business Site Using WordPress




WordPress is the most widely used platform, it has a big support community plus a wide range of third party add – ons & themes. Although it takes longer to create a site using WordPress, but it offers a lot more flexibility, plus a better tools for adding and updating content.

So, if you expect your website to become the cornerstone of your sales & marketing effort, WordPress is likely to be the best choice

The two faces of WordPress

WordPress gives you a sophisticated back end for managing your site. The Dashboard is where you add new pages, blog posts and photos, as well as editing the look and feel of your site. For example, if you wanted to add a Facebook share button, you’d find the right plugin and install it with a few clicks.

You also use the Dashboard to manage comments made on blog entries and, if you use WordPress for you online product catalogue, to handle order management. Your customers never see the Dashboard, but it allows you to create and maintain a professional website.

Professional or Do It Yourself? 

Many professional website development companies base their sites on WordPress because it takes care of much of the background code. This makes it cheaper for them to create a site for you. If you don’t have sufficient funds you can download themes for WordPress. These are complete site designs that are installed from within the Dashboard.

Among the tens  of thousands of themes available, there’re plenty of highly professional designs aimed at particular business types, including lots of free ones.

Final Thought   


Creating a business by using WordPress is very quick and cheap. Using professional web design companies is a bit expensive and requires continuous interaction with it.

These companies sometimes make recommendations for certain themes, not for the benefit of your business, but for themselves. The primary reasons are  that certain themes in their data base are most preferred/purchased by customers, thus sales are high for certain themes and low for others.

WordPress is recommended because you will choose a theme based on your business needs. You might need help to choose a theme suitable for your business, WordPress. com has FAQ section where you ask question about user’s experience with specific theme.

At wealthy, there’re many tutorials about this subject, trouble with theme choice, domain name & hosting, content management, plugins etc. More than 100 000 community members are using WordPress to create business site.

The majority of small businesses has taken this opportunity and created sites in order to market their products/services to consumers. It doesn’t cost much to create a site using WordPress.

All what is required is domain name registration and hosting budget. The domain registration costs as little as $9.99/ per year. Most domain companies offer both services, i.e. domain name registration & hosting. has enabled every small or part time business owners to create a platform to engage with potential customers.  You can create as many business sites as you like using WordPress network. It all depends on you, whether you have sufficient time to develop and maintain such sites   










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