Creating Blog About What?

What’s  a Blog in anyway?

A blog is like a magazine/book offline. The magazine editor, regularly write topics about his/her area of interest to readers. In an online platform, it’s a mini website or fully developed site. The owner daily/weekly post articles about something. It may be about cooking, DIY garden flowers, fountain etc.

Those who have knowledge about politics, science, health, etc. have blogs about these areas of expertise.

I’m not Good in Writing

One may argue that he/she is not a good writer or hates writing. However. all of us went to school and learn how to write, count etc. If you remember very well you were at some point good in mathematics, science, or sometimes you excel in one of  school sport activity.

In a nutshell everyone of us are good at something. In order to convey the message your need a tool to do so. That’s where the blog comes into the picture.

You may start a blog about something you good at or passionate about. The internet platform has more than 3 billion users. These people are searching for anything they like most. They may stumble upon your blog  and get interested to know more about it.

I have no product to sell online

I know people are hell bend about making money. Firstly, you need to understand that people search the internet looking for something to address their individual needs. There’s misconception about blogging, One of such is that you must create a blog and make money.

Blogging is not about making money. Just image some of the famous footballers. They have website about their football career. What stops you from having a blog about yourself, where you communicate your talent, interests, passion. Not money

Over time you may be surprise that your platform (blog) has generated 1000, 2000 or even 20k blog followers/subscribers. Look at YouTube how many people post video’s and ask others to subscribe.

Most of these youtubers are not money driven, their goals are to show the world about anything from DIY garden landscape to anything. Same goes with your blog

Will people like my blog?

To be honest, they won’t In the beginning, they won’t . The reason is simple, there’re billion blogs online. Those famous blogs you see online were at some point scrappy, but owners had work very hard upgrading and fine tuning them. Until it become famous

Same goes for your, in the beginning it will start at dummy level, work hard on it until it competes with the big leagues. Trust me it will reach that level.

Final thought

Most of us has misconception that participating online requires a certain skill. I disagree the internet is for everyone. And everyone of us has opportunities to participate.

The only effective method to do so, is to create a platform (blog). Once you have done that, you would have entered one of the sort after global presence. That you can’t write or have no idea what to write about, is tantamount to underestimating your god given talent.

You have something/talent/knowledge others don’t have. Take any building for example, it was constructed by people of different talents/knowledge and skills;

  • Bricklayers,
  • Structural engineers,
  • Quantity surveyors,
  • Painters,
  • Electricians,
  • Plumbers,
  • Interior decorators
  • Furnisher suppliers,
  • Carpenters,
  • Glazers,
  • Welders, Boilermakers
  • Etc.

There’s no need to be scared to get started with your own blog





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