Do Taking Surveys At Home Really Pay?

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Owner: SurveysPaid

Price: $68.00

For Who: Work at Home Person

Overview: is a membership site for people who want to earn a living taking surveys. The site promises subscribers to learn how to make money by taking surveys. Their system will teach you how to join groups, testing new/any product. Once you join & become a member you’ll be exposed to variety of surveys to take, possibly these surveys will enable you to make money. You’will be enabled to choose which ones have the potential of generating good income. you’ll do all the work at work with your computer & internet connection.

What are surveys Anyway? 

The so called surveys originates from market research industry. Companies embark on this type of exercise on wider scale. The main aim is to test/review their products for purposes of generating responses from their customers. Since this kind of research method is time consuming & expensive, companies employ third parties to conduct these surveys on their behalf. Third parties then receives gift cards/vouchers, tokens, earn points etc.

These third parties in turn employ others to conduct surveys for them in return for some incentives. Example, you, as a member can take 1000 surveys and only receive $1 or 50 cents. There isn’t lot of money to be made as claimed on this program.

Final thought  


If you’re  serious about building a lifelong business online, you should refrain from wasting your time and resources on such programs. You need to apply your time, financial resources to learn how legitimately internet industry works. The only benefits the owners, in that he/she generates a lot of money by allowing his/her membership to do surveys for him/her. in the long run the site owners make some money out of  those efforts.

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