Do You Have Enough Time To Build Your Own Business?

The question sound very simple. The quick answer is that you have plenty of time to build business. The only thing you don’t know, how much of it is required

Any business project requires an owners full attention. Not only is the time that’s important but your dedication, commitment to succeed is equally essential.

Before one can talk about the issue of time required to build it, one needs to discuss about about content activities. Below are the most common tasks you should expect to perform.

Building a website

Only 30 minutes of your time is required here, i.e. domain registration and hosting

Choosing a niche

This may take 1 day to 3 months. Here you must conduct what we call market analysis. Firstly, choose  a niche. Sound simple there are literally million niches you can choose from. You may like and attracted to one or two niches, however, It takes too long to decide on a suitable niche. 

Creating content

Writing content for your site

Here you must first create pages and write posts regularly. At least a minimum of 3 to 5 posts per week. However, you cannot just create them out of nowhere. You must plan in advance what information/ideas you will need for your posts/pages. This is a continuous process. Your site requires regular quality content, this is a daily task.

Responding to emails/comments 

This one is also a daily task for you to perform. It’s also a continuous exercise, you are expected to do it every day. You will be expected to build an email list.

Once people subscribe to your list, again you should send follow up emails to them. You are providing your subscribers with regular information about your business. It must be done on a daily basis

Social media engagement task

You have created an Pinterest, Google+, Facebook account etc. These networks come with their own challenges. You need to provide users  with valuable information, an information about what is trending or new in your business.

Here you are searching for social media users interested in your business product/services. You must try as much as possible to show them your business is legitimate, it’s capable of solving their problems. This is you daily and continuous process

Pay Per Click marketing (PPC)

It’s a once off event. You create an ad, monitor its performance, daily. You must daily monitor how your ad campaign performs. This is one of the most expensive task in your online business. You must monitor how much your ad costs versus how many people follow it. Does it generate sales? If not, you must modify or change it until it yield good results.

To set it up, is a once off event, but monitoring it is a continuous process.

Final thought

From all the tasks mentioned above, you are left with one question, Do You Have Enough Time build your business. These are basic daily, weekly monthly and continuous tasks, an online business owner should perform.

You can then decide for yourself whether you have sufficient time at your disposal to execute them.  Besides the few outlined above, There are many other additional ones which requires to perform on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Building life long business requires most of your time if you want to succeed. 





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