Do You Know What’s a Niche All About?








People talk about this subject daily online. Beginner/ aspirant  internet marketers get confused about this concept, others associate it with “Ninja”. They believe that it’s a miracle of some sort, or weapon used to make money online. No. it’s not. I’m going to explain to you what’s a niche.

What’s a niche in anyway

A niche is something people are looking for. Its scarce resource, people don’t find it in  their locality, something people search for to solve a specific problem. The following are examples:

  • Make money online
  • Selling games, DVD, Play stations
  • Selling women/men clothes
  • Selling women/men perfumes
  • Selling electronic gadgets
  • Dog training tutorials
  • Selling second goods
Specific niches
  • Selling desktop, laptops
  • Selling HP computers/laptops
  • Selling second HP computers/laptops
  • Selling second HP computers/laptops in Michigan
  • selling second hand HP computer accessories
  • Selling second hand HP computer electric cords & cables
  • Selling HP computer accessories, e.g. motherboard, USB cables,
  • Selling HP Laptop screens

You can see for yourself different categories of niches. You can create your own niche categories out of what you see above.

What determines your niche, is the interest you have in a specific niche. You can’t choose something that doesn’t interest you. How do you expect people to buy something that you, yourself don’t like. It will be difficult to convince people buy something you have no interest in it.

If a person searches for winter jackets online, he wants to protect himself/herself from cold in winter. If you dig further, another person may be searching for Jeep winter jackets. Its now become specific, i.e. Jeep winter clothes.

Niche ideas

It is thus important to conduct a research what people are looking for, how many, where they are located, their age group. Once you have come up with niche idea, you need to determine where to find what you’re looking. This will help show people where to find what they’re looking for.

You have a niche, what now

Here, you will need to decide how you will go about directing people to find what they are looking for. If you want to sell Jeep winter jackets, you just type, Jeep winter jackets + affiliate program 

During my Google search, I came up with website, It offers affiliate program for internet marketers to promote their jeep products. This is an example how to go about searching for your niche. You don’t have to create products to sell. Products are already there. That’s the good thing about internet marketing.

Develop niche website

Once you have choosing a niche, it’s time now to develop a website. WordPress. com have thousands themes to choose. It’s simply to create a site. The challenge is to create content for your site. Content creation is not a once off event, its a process.

Your new site must be stuffed with products. It’s a location which will enable you to tell people more about yourself, your niche & other interesting news.

Marketing your site 

This area is the important part of you niche site. When people search online, your site must be accessible to them. In order to do so you need to market it, so that people will know where to find what they are looking for.

Internet marketing is the life blood of any website. Without marketing/promoting your niche, you’re as good as non existence. This is all about what a niche is.







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