Do You Need Entrepreneurial Skill To Start A Business?


People say, you need an entrepreneurial skill to start a business. My answer is simple no. No skills are required to start a business. Bill Gates, Microsoft did not undergo any training to start any business venture.

What they have in common is a commitment and dedication to succeed in life, indeed they succeeded. you too can beat the odds and become one of the successful business elite.

If not entrepreneurial skills what then?

If you want to start a business journey, you need commitment to win and dedication to succeed. Generating money and becoming wealthy is for anyone, not for specific person. Not all of us can generate huge profit only few can do.

What make us differ with wealthy people is that they devote much of their time planning thinking about how to overcome any obstacles in their way of success. Once they bit the obstacles they become wealthy and successful.

You can’t read books, journals, magazines about successful people and think you will then succeed. Chances are that you will copy what they do, guess what, you will fail miserably. Anyone in life have talents, and have dreams, dreams of being the best tennis player, best restaurant chef, best journalist etc.

Search your inner elf

If you can determine what talent you have, you will then decide how will explore that talent, how you will use it to better yourself. Don’t try to copy what others are doing. It is possible that the person next door is doing what you plan to do in future.

That doesn’t mean  if you embark on the same journey you won’t make it because someone is already doing it.

It depends on what methods he/she is using. The methods you plan to use, will make both of you differ considerably. It’s normal that many people are doing what you are doing, what differ is the method you employ, and what will make you exceptionally different from him/her. I started a small business way back selling games online, but there were more people selling the same stuff.

I was  more successful then them. what made me differ was the method I employed. they ended up buying from me and sell it to their customers. entrepreneurial skill is learned. It is learned while doing things. People therefore regard  you as having entrepreneurial skills.

If you want to embark on business venture consider the following

You need to know where you are at the present moment. Ask yourself the following;

  • What kind of work you are currently doing?
  • How much do you earn?
  • Are you satisfied with his/her salary?
  • How long will you work for your current employer?
  • What is your current salary grade?
  • Do you save for pension?
  • How long will your pension lasts after retirement or is it enough?
  • How many children do you have?
  • How old are you children?
  • Do you own house?
  • Are you renting the house you live in, when will you buy your own house

These are pertinent questions you need to ask yourself. From my experience they will push in direction where you will see a need to start your own business and generate income for yourself and household. When you  went look for employment, did you have skills to look for work?.

You may be working as we speak, same goes for starting a business. You don’t need entrepreneurial skills to start a business. These skills are acquired on the job. When you embark on a business journey or project, you learn while you do it






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