Do You Use These Tools For Online Marketing?







My subscribers use to complain that they have no luck in their online business journey. Building an established online business, doesn’t happen on accident.  Do you use these tools for online marketing, What the heck are those tools?

Own website

This tool, is a must have. You need your own website to engage productively online. A site of your own enables internet users to read or learn more about you and your business. So, don’t allow online gurus, trying to convince you that you can do more without it. Although I partly agree with them, but the bottom line, is that you need your own location/place where people will easily find you.

One may say, I do have a site but I see no results. Your site must be regularly maintained, almost daily or weekly

Social media accounts

You must have the following social media accounts

  1. Facebook
  2. Pinterest
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Twitter
  5. And, many more

Besides the above social media networks, there’re many more, but the one’s that I have enlisted above, are some of the Big social media platform. They have more than 1 billion users. This is a huge audience. But, please make no mistake, not all of them are interested in your offerings. Try to find who’s audience, before presenting anything to them.

Email marketing account

Once you have followers, you need to regularly present them with new things and some changes. You must write emails to show them new developments or any new service that you offer. Your  followers/visitors will subscribe to your email list.

However, you must be careful of spammers, people will simple join your list for purposes of marketing their products or to promote their own business

Email marketing is one of essential tool to promote business here online. Some people are using them to generate consistent income. It thus important that you create an account with the following email companies;


And, most important, these accounts must be properly managed. Don’t just send emails, your emails must add value to recipients. The email content, you send out must contain valuable information. When composing and sending an email you must keep in mind that, there’s a recipient on the other side, who will read it.

Content writing tool

This aspect cannot be over emphasized. There’re people who write content for others here online. You send them your content needs, they create it for you. Be warned, these people have a tendency of writing content for 1 000+ people. Google hates duplicate content, a content that doesn’t add any value.

Content writing, whether manually or using a tool doesn’t matter, it’s your responsibility to add content to your site. Not just any content, but quality content. I want to mention again here, that you must be aware, that the information you send out or contained in your site platform is consumed by human beings. Therefore, you must take them serious, when creating and sending out information 

Image/video creating tool

Visual images and video materials are important component of any site. Some people don’t want to read text only, but they also want to see and listen to video’s about anything online. Therefore, you need to ensure that those needs are attended to.

Get images or create an account with Shutterstock. com or any other stock  photo’s/image sites. You may also join sites that offer free images like


Final thoughtgood-vs-bad-debt

The list of tools I have mentioned above are not exhaustive, there may be more, but the above ones are basically essential for your site.

I need to warn you again, that the above tools are not road to riches, they’re just basic tools to consider. “Do You Use These Tools For Online Marketing”









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