Learn Why affiliate marketing still work in 2021 and beyond






Definitely Yes, It works now and it will work beyond 2021. Every time one promotes affiliate marketing, different questions/comments/articles  keeps cropping up, “Does affiliate marketing still work in 2020, will it work post 2021”

Why do people doubt this line of business?

Simple answer is that, indeed it doesn’t work. The internet has more than 100 million sites posting about affiliate marketing business. Others name it pyjama  business, work at home scams etc.

What keeps bothering people is that how can one make money $1 000 per week without goods/service to sell or without any business. If I say you can then, then 99% of people will immediately stop listening and leave.

What makes people skeptical about it, is the manner in which it is promoted. Affiliate marketers had over many years failed miserably to promote it. How can you promote a legitimate business like affiliate marketing,  as something that can make you rich without investing time & money. That kind of promotion agenda has caused people doubt and label it as scam business.

It is for that reason why this  question keeps cropping up. Will affiliate marketing business still work in 2020 and beyond

What is the future of affiliate marketing?

Research findings revealed that affiliate marketing business has generated almost $7billion profit in 2020. If this kind of business cannot survive in the near future, how then it has successfully generate this amount of profit every year? The secret lies in those affiliate marketers who had turned it around and created consistent income for themselves.

Let me give you a practical example, Amazon, Walmart are both generating billion dollars in profit year in and year out. Other companies can’t generate the same. The secret lies in their in house business systems and processes. Same goes for successful and progressive affiliate marketers.

Any business expert/consultant can teach who to make money. What he/she can’t tell you is the method you must apply to get you there. Similar to what I have alluded to above, Amazon, Walmart business. Both have thousands of affiliate in their systems. Their policies do not allow them to disclose the affiliate names who make huge profit online.

Rakuten.com is registering companies seeking affiliate marketers( publishers) to participate in their affiliate programs every month (new advertisers). If this kind of business will die the near future think twice. You loosing money making opportunities for yourself big time.

Final thought

Back to the top, Does affiliate marketing works in 2020 and beyond. The straight forward answer is that, It does work and it will definitely work even in many years to come. To affiliate marketing critics, this business type, is one of those scams we see online.

In case you want to take advice to those who have no clue about it. I respect your opinion, indeed it doesn’t work. However, if you choose to take advise to people who don’t want to engage in an in-depth understanding about business in general and affiliate marketing in particular.

In every life situation, If you want to become wealthy, you need to work for it. Nothing comes easy. Same goes for climbing the corporate ladder. Be prepared to fail, be prepared to loose money. At the ultimate end, results will speak for itself.







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