Does It Matter Doing Too Many Different Things At Once?





One of my subscribers have ask this question, as to whether it matters to do many different things at once?

My answer to him was just a simple no. Although he’s a newcomer in IM industry, but he is multi skilled. he can tackle many tasks and simply complete them in no time.

  • Can build a site
  • Can create site content
  • Write post on Facebook, twitter, instagram, and other social media places
  • Can write 20 to 30 articles per week
  • Etc., etc.

One thing that he doesn’t understand is to plan and become focused in this industry. Indeed, there’re so many things that needs to be done. But rushing to complete many tasks within short period won’t lead you any where. It’s basically purposeless

One of the key elements in executing a project of this nature, is planning and organizing. These elements are not for big business or politicians/clever people, they’re for all us. Most importantly, they don’t need  special skills and expertise. They’re just basic things one need to do every time he/she is executing a task.

People tend to look at what others are doing, and try to imitate them. A good example is this site of mine. It took a long time to  develop it’s content. It also took me sometime to customize & update it. It was not a sprint but a process.

Don’t get me wrong. Observing what others are doing is not a bad idea at all. In business environment, they call it networking or bench-marking. It simply means, you learn what others are doing and create your own unique project based on information you’ have learned.

Indeed, the internet has many different things, you need to master. There’re many different tasks, one must accomplish in order to see results.  However, results can’t be achieved by rushing to do too many things

Final Thought

Let me go back to the question, “Does It Matter Doing Too Many Different Things At Once”. The question was posted to one of my site by newbie internet/affiliate marketer. The guy was a newbie affiliate marketer and seeking direction to those who have achieved in this industry. It may be a method that he has developed himself going forward or something he learned online from others.

One of the key things one need to do , as I have said before, proper planning and organizing. What you must do as newbie is to

  • Identify what you need to do
  • Arrange your tasks according their priorities
  • Allocate time on each of them
  • Create a schedule for those tasks
  • Change that schedule, if situation requires you to do so

You can see, it’s not a rocket science. Others will tell you do this or do that. They say so because it worked for them. What has worked for someone will not necessarily work for you. That’s why most people fail in their projects.

I have talked about bench marking and networking. These concepts do not mean you must literally copy what others are doing, but learn how, why they do so.

The majority of people doing too many different tasks at once, are those who want to accomplish results within a short space of time. I’m not disputing the fact that some of us are multi-tasked, you can do many things, but the question is, do you achieve what you planned to achieve?








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