Learn Why Joining eBay Partner Program Good or Bad?





Some affiliate marketers  join Ebay to market products and receive AFFILIATE commission. Does joining Ebay partner good or bad idea, learn more below

Ebay is the largest online auction, was founded in 1995, Pierre Omidyar. It was established  as shopping website to allow people and business entities to buy and sell variety of goods and services

The good

Since it was established it had successfully generated billion dollars in revenue. Like all other retail entities, it had created large third party agents, similar to Walmart, Amazon, Commission Junction etc, for purposes of promoting their product, i.e. Ebay Partner Program

Since it was established, it has registered more than million partners to promote its products and had paid huge commission fees. One of the advantages of joining their partner program, is that you are given access to billion product to choose and promote. The program has  different product categories ranging from garden equipment, household appliances, electronics and many more.

You, as an internet marketer can establish an online business of your own, by creating your a website. The next step is to join the program and choose products which suits your interest or those that you’re comfortable to promote.

Program partners are making money at Ebay as we speak, some are earning full time income by selling ebay products,

The bad

Although online partnership program has assisted ordinary individuals to start their own business and make a living online, however they come with all sorts of challenges. The Ebay Partner program is no exception.

One of the biggest challenge about Ebay, is that, its an auction retail entity. This simply means they are buying and selling second hand/old goods. Any consumer who purchase those kind of items do so at his/her risk. Auction products may be sold because their defective/ malfunctioning or they may be functioning 100% but product features does not address buyer’s expectation.

Purchasing second hand goods comes with many problems. The return rate of such goods is very high, more than 50% of such goods have probability of being returned to sellers and immediate demand for refund

Now, if you sell these kind of items, you run a risk of loosing your business reputation. Your business may as well, suffer from business reputation. Therefore, if you want to join or you have already joined and marketing Ebay products, the challenges I have alluded to supra will form part of your business drawbacks.

Final thought

Indeed Ebay has a lucrative partner program for those who want to start small online businesses. Its the largest online retail entity like Amazon, Walmart. But its business model is slightly different from from others, in that its an auction business, all its category product are for auction sale.

Like all other retail entities, it has created an affiliate/partner program to allow third parties to  promote goods and receive commission payment in return.

However, any partner program comes with its own business challenges. One of the biggest challenges is that the site buy and sell second products. Products of this nature has a probability of being returned for simple reason, they’re  not new.

Another risk associated with them is that, it was discovered that some Ebay sellers, had in the past sold fake goods.

If you market their products, you need to be aware that your marketing effort may be faced with such challenges. Nonetheless, Ebay Partner program offers any internet marketer huge money making opportunities. Joining Ebay Partner Program may be good at some stage and sometimes bad






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