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 Email marketing is a method used by online marketers to send continuous messages to subscribers. The purpose is to provide email subscribers with current updates, news, new products, newsletters etc. Before the marketer can send email messages to subscribers, he/she places a sign up form so that people can receive emails. Its called “opt – in – form”.

The form is placed in the his/her website. Any visitor can complete fill in his/her name and email address.

By so doing the site owner will send emails to the subscriber. It can be a newsletter, or any information the site owner wish to send. Email marketing is for people who wants more info.

The good about sending emails

The good thing about sending emails is that, recipients are continuously updated with site owners news, products & updates. Any new information that the site has developed or which has come to his attention, is passed to the visitor.

On the other hand the site owners get more or regular visitors to his/her site. The site position improves as result. Another good think is that visitors may become interested in site content, possibly buy something from it.

The primary purpose of email marketing is to provide site visitors with updated site information and products. It allows the owner to promote the site to wider online community.

Basically it’s to make the site visible to wider online audience. It also gives the email sender to connect with people again & again 

The bad about  receiving emails

You know as well as I know that, it is annoying to open your inbox & find large quantities of email from people you don’t know. The worst case scenario is where you receive emails from strangers people you had never visited their site or ask for any information from them.

But if you open your inbox, you keep on receiving their emails. We call this spam emails.

Email marketing is a method of sending email to prospective buyers, mostly people who are interested in your products. Not everyone online is interested in your site content. Only those interested can receive emails. Some reputable companies send emails and at the end of those them, they provide a clear “unsubscribe link”. The purpose is to allow recipient to unsubscribe, then they will not send any email again.

Others will not bother placing “unsubscribe link “at all, they will keep on sending them. If you delete or ignore their emails, they will simply change the  sender email addresses. Some email servers provide an option for you to mark such emails as “junk” as a result all annoying emails will be directed to junk emails and later automatically deleted.

Final thought

Email marketing method is widely used by online marketers to promote their websites and products. On the other you have unscrupulous internet marketers who have developed software, which promises you to make money with email marketing. Email marketing method can’t make anyone rich.

It’s only a method to promote information/product online. It is these people who sell you software to spam people online. As result people get annoyed and avoid receiving anything from you. Sending large quantities of emails to people will damage your business reputation.

The correct method is to learn how email marketing works and the correct method to do it. That will go a long way building your reputation and business.








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