Establish Your Own Business & Increase Your Income Considerably


True prosperity requires more than just making money. The foundation of this, rests on wealth creation & the protection of it. I will show you correct methods which you can use both to increase and protect your wealth.

Before you start making money, you need to know how to save it, without reducing your standard of living. People who don’t know how to save money, spend everything they earn without ever building proper wealth, runs a risk of being bankrupt & poor. 

Where To Start

First step

The first step to saving money is to build a small business. The smartest method to make money is to start up a business. It doesn’t matter how much money it generates, over time business profits have a tendency to grow. If prices of goods increase, profit increases too. Ultimately your income goes up as well.

Second step

The next step is to invest your money in your business. Let’s say your business makes profit, you must then plough back that income into your existing business.

For example, If your were using free advertising methods in your business, now that it generates profit, you must consider using paid method (PPC). This is how you go about investing money in your business.

By using paid marketing method, you’re exposing your business to million potential buyers. An increase of visitors in your business, will go hand in hand with an increase in the number of buyers, eventually your profit goes up as well.

Third step

The third step is to invest your money in Stock Market, in the form buying company shares (Facebook shares). All shares in Stock Market, increase & decrease.

Don’t worry if shares decrease. Stock Market shares doesn’t move in a straight line, they have a tendency to decrease for short term, in the long term, they continually increase. An increase in your share investment goes hand in hand with an increase in your investment & wealth.

Investment in any form is regarded as emergency fund. In times of financial difficulties, this fund can be used to finance your financial shortfall. You will not be required to apply for a bank loan. A loan, is just a loan, you have to pay it back with interest. If you have money invested somewhere, borrowing money will be foreign thing to you.

Remember, when the personal financial difficulties are over, you must payback the money you used from your investment. In that way, your investment will increase. The methods I have outlined above are methods used by big business around the globe, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. All these companies are following the same strategy I have alluded to. They generate billion dollars every month with it.

Final thought

Your own business part time or full time is the only vehicle to generate income & wealth creation. Once you have established a business, invest your profit back to it.

If your profit considerably increase, invest surplus funds in any investment portfolio, can be either shares, unit trust or anything. Learn what big businesses are doing, follow their strategies, in that way your income/wealth with increase considerably.





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