Facebook Ads Or Google/Bing Adwords, Which One Is effective Marketing Strategy?


Google adwords is one of the oldest online marketing strategy, However, with the creation of Social media networks like, Facebook, newbies are confused which one is an effective marketing strategy for their businesses?

Google Adwords

I don’t want to dwell much on how Google works, all I can say, is that Google adwords platform was created to assist internet users to find information, products and services by displaying/clicking ads that appear on its pages.

For purposes of promoting online businesses, the internet marketers had only one option to advertise using Pay Per Click. Google therefore has enabled them to use Google Adwords to promote the same.

You only pay Google a fee when a visitor clicks your ads. This is one of the most expensive marketing method online. It requires huge marketing budget.

To novice marketers, it’s highly expensive and requires an in depth advertising  knowledge. Basically, it’s not suitable advertising method for them.

For seasoned internet marketers, the method is one of the killer punches to promote business and generate money, going forward. These guys have mastered the art of using Google Adwords network. They have also have huge marketing budget. They’re prepared to pay 0.80 or more per click, the average amount they pay for using the system ranges from $1 000 to $50 000.

You, as a newbie cannot afford such an amount, even if you have huge investment, I will not recommend it. You rather, first learn how to use the system, before trying it out. As I have said before, it’s very expensive not suitable for novice.

Social Media, Facebook and others

The concept “social “means simple that. The social media networks were created to promote online social relationships or social engagement. The internet platform has more than 2 billion users. They saw an opportunity to develop social relations among users.

It is on these basis that social media houses were created. It was earmarked for individual discussion about wide range of topics, share information about individual experiences and certain issues.

Because, internet users have their personal and material needs, the social media networks therefore further created a platform for business people to promote their products and services. Business units for advertising or marketing was developed.  

This is a secondary aspect of social media. The purpose is to allow online business people to promote their products to interested users. Be warned, the fundamental existence of social media network is to create social engagement not advertising. Advertising is a secondary function, as I have said before.

Final thought

 Going back to the question, “Which one is the effective marketing strategy, Facebook ads or Google/Bing adwords. The simple answer is Google Adwords, it was primarily created to market products/services online. However, it’s very expensive an requires an in depth marketing knowledge

With regard to social media marketing, although it’s not quite similar to Google Adwords, it does provides a network of ad campaigns.

Facebook ads are displayed to potential customers. They are called ads impression so you pay per impression. People who have used Facebook ads to promote their businesses has achieved moderate to poor results.

Social media ads are displayed in front of potential customers, what they normally do is to visit your website through clicking your ad, but they are not so eager to buy. They use social media for purposes of creating social relations not purchasing. Therefore when you use this platform please don’t raise your hopes too high.





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