Finding Lucrative Niche, What’s A Niche?






In affiliate marketing people say, You must find a lucrative niche to make money, What’s a niche?  Unfortunately, they don’t give full details of what a niche is all about. Others simple say weight loss is a lucrative niche. While others mention something else.

What’s a niche?

A niche is that specific category of products people are searching for online. People online/offline have different needs and wants. They search the web looking for individual specific needs. 

Yes, weight loss is a lucrative. Lucrative as it is, depends on different people at different levels. Examples of niches are soccer items, electronic gadgets, dating sites, baby clothes, baseball items, the list is endless. 

How then a specific niche becomes lucrative? 

Lucrative as it may depends on each and every internet marketer. If weight loss is a lucrative niche, that doesn’t become lucrative to others. If one profits from weight loss, the other affiliate marketer will not necessarily profit from it. 

There’re billion products to market online. How then do you chose a lucrative one. It comes down to what I call niche market. Marketing a specific or unique product. One may simply market women under wears, the other may promote under wears for chubby/fully figured women. 

The chubby/fully figured under wears is a niche. The internet marketer doesn’t promote simply under wears, but items for specific people (chubby/fully figured). This goes together with passion/interest. His/her interest/passion is focused on specific customers. 

Here, the marketer uses his/her time and capital to market chubby/full figured clothing items. If they’re properly promoted with interest and passion, they’ll eventually become lucrative.

 The best tip in any niche is to do something you love. If you’re genuinely enthusiastic and passionate about what you do or sell. You’ll become successful.  Your interest in a specific niche will generate huge income for you. 

Final thought

It is undeniable fact that there’re financially poor niches, where money can’t be made. While on the other hand there’re lucrative ones where huge profit can be generated. If someone tells you that weight loss for instance, is a lucrative, it doesn’t mean therefore  that any Dick, Tom and Harry can easily make money out of it.

You have to determine your interest, your passion. What do you like most? Do you have time and capital, and most importantly are you prepared to fail in that niche category. 95% of people fail to make a dime online. It doesn’t matter what they’re marketing.

If you’re prepared to learn how to promote a certain category of items. You must also be prepared not to get noticed by customers. In anyway their needs and wants are attended to by others online. There’re sites where their problems are being addressed. So, don’t feel bad about it.

There’re 7 billion people on earth. Each and everyone of them have needs/wants. They surf the internet, searching for solutions. Your task is to find them. Determine their needs and how you’re going to address them in your site. That’s what I call lucrative niche. 

Those who’re bragging about lucrative niche they promote, that’s good for them, but what’s lucrative to them will not necessarily lucrative to others.






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